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Dinesh D’Souza calls AbandonedTHE BEST BOOK ever written on abortion!” D’Souza is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple volumes and is the director of 2016: Obama's America, the "No. 1, largest-grossing conservative documentary ever....." --- quote is from the Washington Times

Abandoned called “…the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion issue.” --- Jack Ames

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Images of Abortion.
These are unborn babies
Retrieved from
Womans Choice dumpster,
Lansing, MI
by Chris Veneklase,
Feb. 26, 2010.
All photos taken by CPLS.
New Study Shows Abortion
Victim Photos Are Effective
CPLS Director Explains Importance
of Use of Abortion Victim Photos
LifeSite News Interview
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Comments on the Gosnell Trial
Click here for "Seven Reasons
Why Abortion is the Preeminent
Social/Political Issue"
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Here is what can be found
in the Archives:
Now That Trump Has Won
Womans Choice Clinic
Dumpster Scandal (2010)
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Womens Advisory Center Dumpster Scandal Abortionist Sharpe (2008)
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Woman Care Clinic
Dumpster Scandal
Abortionist Hodari (2008)
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Notre Dame Protest  Arrests and Litigation Updates (2009-ongoing)
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The Owosso Incident and the New York Times Coup
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The Dingell Town Hall and HealthCare Reform Deception
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The Tiller Killing
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Demonstrations, Activism and Other Information
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Your CPLS Director Writes on the Sad Saga of Proposal 3 in Michigan! Click here:

Night has Fallen on Michigan and the
Floodgates of Death Are Open
Foot of abort baby, 16 weeks, killed at the Women’s Advisory abortion center, Livonia MI., April 2008. Retrieved from abortion center trash dumpster by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. Buried at Assumption Grotto parish cemetery, Detroit, MI.
Anyone who cares about the sanctity of human life is devastated by the success of Proposal 3 in Michigan – the so called “Reproductive Freedom for All” ballot referendum. Thousands of pro-lifers across the state worked tirelessly to defeat Prop 3 – including the author of this press statement—Monica Migliorino Miller – director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society. While it’s tragic enough that Proposal 3 received the needed “Yes” votes – pro-lifers may have been consoled that the Michigan state legislature would achieve a Republican majority, however slim, to blunt the attempts to broaden the killing of the unborn in our state. Sadly, however those who champion the legalized killing of the innocent unborn are in power with a Democratic majority and with the re-election of Governor Whitmer who supports such legalized violence against the most helpless among us.
Why did Prop 3 succeed? The advocates of legal abortion certainly outspent the pro-life movement in Michigan—with the majority of their money coming in from out of state to fund the barrage—the seemingly never-ending television ads, You Tube ads and ads on social media. Their campaign was built on lies and sought to create fear and panic among voters. First to advocate that all they wished to do is “restore the rights we had under Roe v. Wade” is a lie. Prop 3 goes way beyond the practice of abortion in Michigan under Roe. It’s already hideous that abortion is permitted in Michigan on demand through the 24th week of pregnancy with however several laws that regulate the procedure, laws that protect women and ensure parental consent. Now, however abortion could be legalized on demand through the full term of pregnancy, those regulations in Michigan under Roe may be revoked, including parental consent for minors—a lack of consent even for sterilization of minors. They also lied when it was claimed that if Proposal 3 were to fail, doctors who treat women for ectopic pregnancies and miscarriages would be arrested “just for doing their job” as one ad touted. All one has to do is look at the legal history of the 1931 Michigan law that bans abortion, except for the life of the woman. No doctors were ever prosecuted for providing such legitimate medical care—none! And women who obtained an illegal abortion were also not prosecuted.
Now, get ready. With the revision of the Michigan State Constitution, codifying abortion as right, new abortion clinics will be set up all long our Ohio, Indiana border—as out-of-state abortionists seek to escape the restrictions on abortion in those states. Ohio abortionist David Burkons has already negotiated a lease for a suite in Temperance, MI. The killing of the unborn will exponentially increase, and with that increased harm to women from botched abortion procedures, especially if the current regulations of abortion centers fall away—keeping in mind that under Prop 3 the abortion provider need not be a licensed physician.
While the proponents of Prop 3 beat the pro-lifers with their media ads— the grassroots pro-life effort in Michigan was far superior to anything the other side was able to do. Pro-lifers were better at door-to-door canvassing, large banners erected all over the state, many of them on overpasses displayed for hours each day, the tens of thousands of cars that were blitzed in parking lots with Vote NO pamphlets, and the thousands of texts and phone calls that were made by committed pro-life volunteers. I never received one Vote Yes phone call, or text, not one Vote YES canvasser came to my door, no Vote Yes pamphlet left in the door of my car. But, in the end, the pro-life on-the-ground effort could not overcome the Vote Yes media campaign.
But finally-in the end Proposal 3 succeeded because our culture has become used to the violence of abortion. Fifty years of killing under Roe v. Wade is part of what we expect—a killing to which we believe we are entitled. It’s is not enough that Roe v. Wade is reversed. What also needs to be reversed is the philosophy of Roe, the philosophy that we are radical individuals — as Roe created the most radical individual—the autonomous woman encased in her sphere of “privacy” – that sphere of isolation in which now she can make a decision to cast others out from human communion.
The pro-life efforts must go forward. We cannot give up for a moment. We must redouble our efforts in all areas of the Right-to-Life movement, help as many mothers as we can, save as many babies as we can from the violence of abortion, educate that the unborn are persons who have a God-given right-to-life and not only make abortion illegal, but to make such hideous violence unthinkable.

Click the link below for a printable year end summary
of our life saving efforts in 2021!
The Bishops Wrote Their Document--
But Biden Still Receives Communion!
Did the Pope Really Tell Biden He is "a good Catholic"? and what it all means--See article here  by the Director of CPLS:
Click here!
Dr. Miller Responds to Bishop McElroy No Communion for Pro-Abortion Catholics
Biden Should Not Receive Holy Communion--Here's WHY
Here is CPLS Director's Article on the Issue of Biden and the Reception of Holy Communion -- Click here:

Red Rose Rescue National Pro-Life Conference
See here all of the speeches!! Click on this Link and You'll Be There!

Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders Sign Open Letter to the American Catholic Bishops
The letter, a project of CPLS asks the Bishops to publically draw attention to the fact that Biden, who claims to be a Catholic, supports abortion on demand for the full term of pregnancy and to declare that abortion is the "preeminent priority" when voters decide for whom to vote!
Click Here  to download Letter (one page smaller print)
Click Here  to download Letter (two pages larger print)

Here's the Article that Explains
the Meaning of Social Distancing
-- and It's Connection to Abortion
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