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Dinesh D’Souza calls AbandonedTHE BEST BOOK ever written on abortion!” D’Souza is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple volumes and is the director of 2016: Obama's America, the "No. 1, largest-grossing conservative documentary ever....." --- quote is from the Washington Times

Abandoned called “…the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion issue.” --- Jack Ames

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Images of Abortion.
These are unborn babies
Retrieved from
Womans Choice dumpster,
Lansing, MI
by Chris Veneklase,
Feb. 26, 2010.
All photos taken by CPLS.
New Study Shows Abortion
Victim Photos Are Effective
CPLS Director Explains Importance
of Use of Abortion Victim Photos
LifeSite News Interview
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Comments on the Gosnell Trial
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Why Abortion is the Preeminent
Social/Political Issue"
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Now That Trump Has Won
Womans Choice Clinic
Dumpster Scandal (2010)
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We Buried the Last of the “Trunk Abortionist” Babies on Saturday, Nov. 24th
See below a decent main stream media article! With very poignant photos!
Hand of Michael-Gabrielle, named by pro-lifers—aborted baby killed by Michigan abortionist Michael Roth and found in the trunk of his car with 14 others in September 2015
And PLEASE take the opportunity to respond on the newspaper's Facebook page here:
Also see the links at end of this memo to two great articles!! with Great Photos!
3 years after aborted fetus found
in trunk, remains buried in
Green Oak Township
Susan Bromley, Livingston Daily Published 1:44 p.m. ET Nov. 28, 2018
(Photo: Courtesy of Emily Lizzio)

A funeral for what pro-life activists say was a seven-week-old aborted baby they named Michael-Gabrielle was held on Saturday in Green Oak Township.

Monica Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, a national anti-abortion organization locally based in South Lyon, estimated that about 150 people attended the mass celebrated by Fr. John Rocus at the Holy Spirit Catholic Church and followed by a burial. Miller said the burial was the first in Livingston County for an aborted fetus.

"When we placed his or her body in the earth it was the only work of mercy this aborted human will ever know," Miller said. "And when we stand at the grave we commit ourselves to fight for a culture of life and an end to abortion.”

The aborted fetus was one of 15 in jars found by police in the trunk of Michael Roth's impounded car after he struck a pedestrian in September of 2015 in West Bloomfield Township. Police also found medications in the vehicle that were stolen from an Eastpointe abortion clinic where Roth had worked on occasion.

Casimir Miarka, administrator for the Oakland County Medical Examiner's office, said law enforcement brought the jars found in Roth's vehicle to her office on Oct. 8, 2015 for identification of the contents. He said the case did not fall under the jurisdiction of the medical examiner's office, which investigates and determines cause and manner of death in any violent, sudden, unexpected, suspicious or otherwise unexplained death.

"We deal with someone who has taken a breath and then passes," Miarka said. "Law enforcement brought it here so we could see what they were."

According to the medical examiner's report, Dr. Ljubisa Dragovic examined the tissue specimens and determined them to be products of conception.

Roth was originally charged with possession with intent to deliver schedule 2 narcotic Fentanyl, six counts of identity theft and three counts of larceny in a building. He was also charged with violating Michigan's public health code.


Roth pleaded no contest in October 2017 to three counts of larceny from a building and was sentenced to 18 months probation. Additionally, in a consent agreement with the state Board of Medicine, his license to practice medicine was suspended for one year and he was ordered to pay a $25,000 fine.

The jars and their contents were held by the medical examiner's office until the Michian Attorney General's office instructed them to be released to the Borek-Jennings Funeral Home in the Village of Hamburg in August.

A man places into the ground a coffin containing what pro-life activists say is a 7-week-old aborted fetus as mourners watch at the Holy Spirit Roman Catholic Cemetery in Brighton on Nov. 24, 2018. (Photo: Emily Lizzio)

Todd Borek, funeral home director, said he took the aborted babies into his care in August and kept them until he was able to facilitate their burials on behalf of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society, which had negotiated the release with the attorney general's office.

Earlier this month, Borek was present as 14 of the aborted babies were buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, and he also attended the burial of the 15th in Green Oak Township on Saturday.

"I am very pro-life and want to give a dignified burial, even if there is no next of kin," Borek said. "It's a privilege to help in any way."

A granite marker will be installed at the Holy Spirit Cemetery, engraved with the name Michael-Gabrielle, a designation as a victim of abortion and a verse from the book of Revelation, "He will wipe every tear from their eyes."

Miller said the burial symbolizes justice and shows the world human life is sacred.

"That grave is an indictment of our country that allows these innocent completely helpless human beings to be killed with sanction of law," Miller said. "I want to see Roe versus Wade reversed and laws put in place that recognize the value of every human being from the moment of conception."

A little more than 638,000 abortions were performed in the U.S. in 2015, the latest year for which data is available, according to a November report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That number is the lowest since abortion was legalized in 1973 through the landmark Roe v. Wade decision. The CDC's report also shows that the total number of abortions decreased by 24% from 2006-2015.

Ruth Lednicer, director of communications for Planned Parenthood of Michigan, believes the reason for the decrease in abortions is due to increased access to birth control and better sex education. She also believes that a mandate in the Affordable Care Act requiring insurance companies to include coverage for birth control with no co-pay had a positive effect.

"The abortion rate overall is falling, but it's still a legal, constitutionally protected right," Lednicer said.

"I would encourage people devoting their efforts to attending this burial to devote that same energy to preventing unintended pregnancies – through offering people access to fully comprehensive sex education and access to birth control."

Contact Livingston Daily reporter Susan Bromley at 517-552-2854 or sbromley@livingstondaily.com. Follow her on Twitter @SusanBromley10.

SEE Here LifeNews and LifeSite News Articles: Really Good!
Photos of the burial of the other 14 unborn babies killed by abortionist Michael Roth

Laid to rest Nov. 3, 2018 at
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI
Coffin of 14 “Trunk Abortionist” babies lowered into their grave, Nov. 3, 2018, Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI. clockwise: Emmanuel Lughermo, Lynn Mills, Angelica Abbott and Connor Adams (from Protect Life Michigan) and your CPLS director in white jacket. Photo: Fr. William Kuszinsky
Students from Fr. Gabriel Richard High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan serve as pall bearers during funeral Mass at Transfiguration Parish, Southfield, MI Photo: Richard Mucha
Bishop Robert Fisher, auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Detroit incenses the coffin containing the remains of 14 of the “Trunk Abortionist” babies during funeral Mass at Transfiguration Parish, Southfield, MI, Nov. 3, 2018 Photo: Richard Mucha

12 Women Did Not Get Their Abortions
On the Day of the Dec. 2, 2017 Red Rose Rescue
And Your CPLS Director is OUT OF JAIL—
 as Of July 17th
William Goodman was released July 5th
Matthew Connolly is still unjustly incarcerated until August 3rd. Write to him! His Prisoner # is 423593
See here info on how to write to prisoners at the Oakland County Jail:

On Feb. 21, 2018 Five Red Rose Rescuers- namely myself Monica Miller, William Goodman, Patrice Woodworth, Matthew Connolly, and Robert "Doc" Kovaly were found guilty of trespassing and also interference with an officer (we practiced passive resistance) by a 6 person jury stemming from our Dec. 2, 2017 pro-life rescue at the Women's Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI. operated by abortionist Jacob Kalo.

On March 14, 2018 Judge Barron sentenced each rescuer to a $500 fine, 8 days of community service, and a one-year probation loaded up with unbelievable conditions such as remaining 500 feet from all abortion centers in the entire United States of America and its Territories—a court order unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion! We were forbidden from picketing at any abortion center, no intimidation or harassment of patients ( court language for no attempt to talk women out of abortions) defendants could have absolutely no contact with one another, were to report to a probation officer monthly, needed court permission to leave the state and so on!

Left to right: Robert Kovaly, Matthew Connolly,
Monica Miller, Patrice Woodworth, Will Goodman
In Conscience We Could Not Abide by the Unjust Probation Conditions

On June 1st Will Goodman and I decided it was time to go back to the Women’s Center and simply exercise our rights, civil and certainly God-given, to witness to the sanctity of life and reach out to the mothers going into the clinic and turn them away from abortion.

Consequently we were both arrested, accused of violating the conditions of the probation. BUT, while I stood 30 feet from the door of the Women’s Center that day I talked a woman out of an abortion! Thank God we defied that 500’ foot probation condition! I was indeed at the right place at the right time despite Judge Barron’s 500 foot restriction.

On June 14th Judge Barron revoked the probation and sentenced Will Goodman and I to a 45-day jail term. William had been in jail since our arrest June 1st. I was taken into custody June 14th and released July 17th.

Here’s How We Know 12 Women Did Not Get Abortions That Day

On June 29th all 5 Red Rose Rescuers, with our great attorneys Robert Muise and Erin Mercino of the American Freedom Law Center, were back in court for the restitution hearing. Yes—the Women’s Center was asking the court to impose monetary restitution on us for revenue lost due to our rescue!

Photo: Yes, Starbucks is in the same building as the abortion center!

Clinic manager Pam DiMaggio took the stand and under oath—complete with a chart for illustration—testified, to the shock (and delight) of the pro-lifers who filled the courtroom, that 12 women DID NOT receive their abortions due to the “disruption” caused by the “trespass” (aka-The Red Rose Rescue). No one could believe that a dedicated “abortion provider” would publicly announce that the pro-life rescue had been so incredibly effective! DiMaggo also stated that every woman was called and not a single one responded to the calls! And despite her best effort Judge Barron ruled against the clinic! No restitution for them! It was an incredible victory! Thank YOU GOD! But please know, if Barron had ordered us to pay—we would NEVER have given this death center one cent—no matter what the consequences!

DiMaggio’s testimony means this: because of the Red Rose Rescue 12 unborn babies were at least given a reprieve of their scheduled executions! 12 women had a chance to reconsider their abortion decision! Indeed, DiMaggio’s chart indicated that “Patient number Two” left the clinic during the rescue. This turn-away we already knew about—as we witnessed the woman leave the clinic after she was counseled by Red Rose Rescuer Patrice Woodward! Then there were 11 others whose babies were still alive!

We know that as a consequence of the RRR, at least one baby was saved (on June 1st when we defied the probation conditions) and likely there were more saved. The law of averages is on our side—that at least one of the 12 women opted to give life!

It’s Worth Going to Jail in Defense of the Unborn
With hands cuffed, Will Goodman is placed under arrest when defending the unborn
in the Dec. 2, 2017 Red Rose Rescue at Women’s Center abortion center
 in Orchard Lake, MI.

I could write a book about the saga of this one Red Rose Rescue. My 33 days in jail, the many great experiences I had while incarcerated would be certainly part of the story. Let me say this—my fellow inmates were very sympathetic as to why I was in prison—many appalled that I was in jail at all! I continue to pray for them! A few of the inmates talked to me about their abortions and how much they regretted them! One woman told me the incredible story of how two years ago she was convinced by a sidewalk counselor not to go through with her scheduled abortion at a clinic in Detroit—and I knew EXACTLY who that sidewalk counselor was who saved her baby from the description she gave of him—namely Emmanuel Ibirham.

I want to thank all those who wrote to me during my jail time, all of you who prayed for us—and for your support of the Red Rose Rescue.

Don’t neglect to write to Matthew!!
God bless you all—Monica of CPLS

As Ireland Paves Way for Legalized Abortion, Babies Were Defended in Red Rose Rescue Saturday, March 26th in Washington, D. C.
THREE Women Left the Capital Women’s Services Abortion Center
By now most, if not all those who receive CPLS memos know the tragic news—that on March 25th Ireland voted 66 percent to revoke that country’s 8th Amendment—opening the passageway of death to legalize abortion on the Emerald Isle. While the votes were still being counted on Saturday May 26th a Red Rose Rescue took place at the Capital Women’s Services abortion center on Georgia Ave NW in Washington, D. C.

Photo: “Baby Jane Doe” arrested when defending the unborn in March 26, 2018 Red Rose Rescue.
At 9:00am, four pro-lifers carrying red roses entered the abortion facility where a packed waiting room awaited them. Twelve women were already seated there scheduled for abortions. The pro-lifers, namely Father Fidelis Moscinski of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, 26-year-old Lauren Handy, Adele Gillhooly and Immolatia Hernandez talked to the mothers scheduled for abortion, handed out literature, and offered red roses to everyone. A few women did take the roses and the literature.
Three Women Left the Clinic
One woman named Esperanza left the clinic after Immolatia counseled her. Esperanza came down into the parking lot and was counseled again by sidewalk counselor and Red Rose Rescue supporter Bonnie Borel. When the police commenced the arrests of three of the rescuers a couple came to the door of the clinic. The officers would not allow them to enter, but Fr. Moscinski saw the man and the woman at the open door and was able to give them a rose. The man took the rose and the couple left! Another woman was at the abortion center accompanied by her father. Lauren Handy heard the woman say to her father: “I want to leave”—and Handy saw her in the the process of getting a refund at the reception counter.
When the police eventually arrived, the entire building was partitioned off by yellow police tape. For a full 45 minutes anyone coming to the abortion center was not allowed to enter! Because of the rescue in progress upstairs, the pro-lifers outside of the building that houses the abortion center had more time to speak to the women coming to the clinic.
 Photo: Fr. Moscinski arrested when defending the unborn from abortion.
Photo: Lauren Handy under arrest at the Capital Women’s abortion center,
March 26, 2018
The rescue lasted a full two hours—that means that for a full 2 hours the killing business was at least delayed, mothers were given a witness to the sanctity of life within their wombs, offered help to turn away from abortion and the babies were defended.
At just past 11:00am Fr. Moscinski, Lauren handy and Immolatia Hernandez were placed under arrest. Adele Gillhooly opted to leave the clinic after her third police warning. Adele’s time inside the clinic was extended beyond the others as the police were not able to immediately identify her as a pro-life rescuer.

Photo: Joan McKee witnesses to a passerby on the street during the Red Rose Rescue. Joan was arrested defending the unborn in the first two Red Rose Rescues.

And Get THIS!! Unprecedented in the History of the Pro-life Movement—the Trespass Charges Have Been Dropped!
You heard that right! Here’s what happened and here’s the incredible explanation. Lauren Handy was released from jail on Saturday, May 26th and was told her charges were being dropped. She exited the precinct station a completely free woman. Fr. Stephen Imbarrato of Priests for Life was told by one of the officers handling the booking of the pro-life prisoners the following explanation: Last week a man who was in possession of an illegal hand gun used the gun to shoot a dog who was mauling a child, thus saving the child from serious injury, possibly even death. Under the circumstances the police opted not to charge the man with the illegal hand gun possession. Apparently the D.C. officers, and no doubt at the direction of the D.C. district attorney, made a decision to treat the Red Rose Rescuers in the same way. In other words, technically they may have “violated” the law, but since they were attempting to save lives, the Red Rose Rescuers are NOT charged with any crime! This means that in a sense, the defense of necessity was applied BEFORE going to court!!
I cannot over-emphasize how huge this is!! That charges would be dropped against pro-life rescuers FOR THIS REASON is unprecedented! It means that the lives of the unborn have been at least tacitly RECOGNIZED by the legal system! The charge of trespass has not yet been dropped for Fr. Fidelis—but it will be once he attends his arraignment!
And here is another important aspect of this whole amazing story. Immolatia Hernandez opted not to give her name to the police when she was arrested. She identified herself as “Baby Jane Doe” and engaged in peaceful non-cooperation with her captors so as to be in solidarity with the unwanted unborn. Yet, even she was released and charges dropped against her!
We will keep you posted on all future developments!
Will You Support or Participate in
The Red Rose Rescues?
And if you want to join the next Red Rose Rescue--if you are interested in defending the unborn in this way—going into what Mother Teresa called “the dark holes of the poor” to be the light of truth and light—all you need do is respond to this email and we will get back with you!
Let us work and pray to end abortion.

For a downloadable copy of the above article click this link.

April 28, 2018 Planned Parenthood Protested at 140 Locations Nationwide! Click Here


On Feb. 21, 2018 five Red Rose Rescuers- namely myself Monica Miller, Will Goodman, Patrice Woodworth, Matthew Connolly, and Robert "Doc" Kovaly were found guilty by a six person jury of trespassing and also interference with an officer (we practiced passive resistance) stemming from our Dec. 2, 2017 Red Rose Rescue at the Women's Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 we were sentenced by Judge Marc Barron in the 48th District Court. In a sentencing hearing that lasted three hours the following sentence was imposed. Indeed, this sentence is unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion—i.e. that for 12 months we are to stay 500 feet from EVERY ABORTION CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES. Our incredible attorney Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center is filing an appeal immediately! Our hope is that the sentence will be stayed pending appeal—and much of this ultimately reversed.

See at end of this memo links to news articles.

These conditions are imposed for a period of 12 months starting March 14, 2018:

  1. We must pay restitution to the abortion mill-- amount to be determined in separate hearing about 6 weeks from now.

  2. Stay 500 feet from every abortion mill in the USA.

  3. Defendants may have no contact with each other! not even a conference call with their attorney for the purposes of discussing issues pertaining to the appeal!

  4. We may not harass, intimidate, or picket any abortion clinic.

  5. May not violate any laws on any governmental level.

  6. May not associate with anyone who is engaged in breaking the law.

  7. Eight days of court-chosen community service.

  8. Fines and court costs for each defendant that range anywhere from $1200 to S1700.

  9. Must have court permission to travel out of state.

  10. Monthly in-person reporting to probation officer (out of state defendants may report by mail).

Now just look at the first item! You can bet there is NO way we are complying with this probation -- we cannot pay the abortion center one red cent! We already told the judge we will not pay fines, not do community service etc. Thus we may be facing a 120 day jail sentence. When the probation documents were presented to us to sign—which stated “defendants agree to comply with the probation order” we declined to sign the papers.

All defendants provided very eloquent sentencing statements. Patrice Woodworth told the judge: “Judge Barron I need to tell you this was not my first time inside of an abortion clinic. Many years ago I was a frightened and confused teenage mother, pregnant with a baby 20 weeks along, coerced into getting an abortion—an abortion that has caused me trauma and terrible grief all my life. I wish someone had come into that clinic and offered to me a red rose, and gave me words of encouragement to not abort my baby.” Everyone in the court room was riveted—including the 10 pro-abortionists who showed up from Northland Family Planning in Sterling Hts. MI. where the first RRR in Michigan took place Sept. 15, 2017 and the Women’s Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI. Even Northland Family Planning owner Renee Chelian was in court with her daughter. During Patrice’s speech—the quiet, steady, calm sound of her voice permeated the courtroom—you could hear a pin drop !!

During my pre-sentencing statement I encouraged Judge Marc Barron to do the right thing. I pointed out that we had an unfair trial because the proceedings had been sanitized by him and the prosecutor, that the unborn were deliberately kept hidden—even the abortion clinic could not be called an “abortion clinic” in front of the jurors!

I pointed out that the whole trial was based on a lie-- the LIE that the unborn are not persons—and I implored him that now was his opportunity to no longer be caught in the vortex of lies created by the unjust law of legalized abortion. Now he could do justice by giving us a lenient sentence as we did what we did to save lives—and that the lenient sentence would NOT be for us—but that the lives of the unborn—the real victim class- would be vindicated by him. I opened up a folder that contained the photo of an aborted baby CPLS had retrieved from the trash dumpster of a Michigan clinic. I held the photo at left for everyone in the court to see, held up for the judge to see and Larry Sherman the prosecutor. Our Attorney Robert Muise was amazing and plans to appeal everything.

PLEASE make a donation NOW to the American Freedom Law Center !!!! http://www.americanfreedomlawcenter.org

When the judge asked each of us if we would be able to comply with the court’s order to not enter an abortion clinic while on probation—all of us said that we could not give such an assurance. In addition we told the judge that we would not pay any fines, do community service or pay any restitution to the abortion center. Will Goodman said to Barron—“I could stay away if no unborn children are being killed inside the clinic—but if they are being killed then no, Your Honor, I cannot tell you I would not go inside to try and protect those babies.”

The monetary restitution to the abortion center will be determined at a later hearing in about the next six weeks-- We will keep you posted.

NO ONE—absolutely NO ONE must feel the least bit intimidated, feel the least bit daunted or discouraged about pro-life activism and the future of the Red Rose Rescues.

What happened in Judge Barron’s courtroom is not indicative of what every judge would do—or the outcome of all trials involving pro-lifers. Indeed Judge Michael Rumona in our first RRR trial praised us as “good people”!

No matter what—we must realize that abortion will be overcome by radical acts of love! And let us take courage from the words of Our Lord-- “Be not afraid.” It is an honor for us to suffer for the sake of the name!!

Matt Connolly under arrest when saving babies from abortion
See here the very balanced article from
the Oakland Press—a major Michigan daily paper:
And more articles here:

Responses to the Sidewalk Advocates for Life Video that Criticized the Red Rose Rescues
In late February 2018 Sidewalk Advocates for Life posted a video on You Tube entitled: “Desperate Measures.” It was a 23 minute-long criticism of Red Rose Rescues.
Citizens for a Pro-life Society has much respect for the work of SAFL and your CPLS director has spent literally decades outside of abortion centers sidewalk counseling women to not abort their babies since 1978. We feel that CPLS cannot simply stand by and not offer a response to the video.
We feature here the elegant rebuttal composed by veteran pro-lifer Richard Cowden Guido. I hope that you will read it!
Richard Cowden Guido
Also, at the end of this memo is the response of Abby McIntyre, the 21 year-old Indiana State college student who was arrested in the first RRR at the Northland Family Planning abortion center, Sept. 15, 2017 in Sterling Hts. MI.
Also—PLEASE see this excellent response that was issued by Operation Rescue.
Operation Rescue
Please pray for me—and my fellow Red Rose Rescuers Matthew Connolly, Will Goodman, Patrice Woodward and Robert Kolavy as we face sentencing March 14th for the Dec. 2, 2017 RRR we did at the Women’s Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI.
See below the Janet E. Smith and below the Abby McIntyre response details about that Red Rose Rescue and our court experience.

A Response to the Sidewalk Advocates for Life anti Red Rose Rescue Video Offered by Professor Janet E. Smith

Janet E. Smith

Fr. Michael J. McGivney
Chair of Life Ethics
Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, MI

(The views expressed here are entirely my own and not of the institution.)
Sidewalk Advocates for Life have put out a video arguing that the work of “rescuing groups” such as Red Rose Rescue is damaging to the pro-life movement. Of course they are to be commended for their dedication to saving the lives of the unborn and ministering to the women who seek abortion and those accompanying them. Their desire to protect the work they do is laudable.
They have, it seems, three major concerns:

1) that should rescuing groups continue their work, legal systems will push and push successfully to have buffer zones put in place around abortion mills not only for the abortion mills occupied by rescuers but mills in the near-by area and beyond. This would make it nearly impossible for side-walk counselors to have access to those entering abortion mills and thus many fewer lives would be saved.

2) They argue that such rescues are ineffective for saving lives; that the abortion mills quickly move the women into protected areas and abortions proceed apace.

3) They find the arrival of the police to be terribly upsetting to the women and the staff, who then view the rescuers as fanatical law-breakers, whereas those who come day in and day out in all kinds of weather to sidewalk counsel make a powerful impression because of their perseverance.
These are not baseless concerns. Their concerns deserve a response.
Prof. Monica Migliorino Miller who has served the prolife movement in nearly every possible capacity, filmed a brief justification for the action of Red Rose Rescue six months before the Sidewalk Advocacy Group produced its video. It is hard to imagine a more dedicated pro-lifer than Prof Miller. She has spent months in jail for her attempts to rescue the unborn, once as the mother of a newborn. She regularly jeopardizes her livelihood because of her actions and speech. She has organized national conferences; she has done thousands of hours of sidewalk counseling; she has financially supported single mothers at a sacrificial level; she has rescued the corpses of aborted babies from dumpsters and kept them in her apartment or home until she could provide them with beautiful burials; she has been responsible for the closing of several abortion mills by revealing their illegal activities; she wrote Abandoned, one of the finest books about the prolife movement.
So clearly we cannot take her views lightly, not only because she has “paid her dues” but because her long term commitment to the unborn and sacrifices for them give her a special kind of knowledge. Thomas Aquinas argues that those who have a deep familiarity with a reality, can be said to have “connatural knowledge”, the kind of knowledge that someone who has worked with horses for years has of horses and those who have studied the qualities of wine, have of wine. Even if these people cannot fully explain their judgments, their judgments carry great weight. But, in fact, Prof Miller can fully explain her judgments in a voice and with a demeanor that powerfully convey her love for the unborn, their mothers and fathers.
Prof. Miller’s most basic argument is that it is necessary to enter abortion mills to attempt to rescue the lives of the babies whose mothers are about to abort them. Prof Miller insists that those babies deserve a chance to live. Sidewalk counseling is not effective in saving those lives – and, in fact, the mills the rescuers have chosen to enter are not apt for sidewalk counseling. In attempted rescues she and her fellow rescuers find they can have up to 15 minutes or so to talk to the women in a loving, gentle, and helpful fashion. Sometimes the women cannot be herded by staff into a protected space. The rescuers have seen women leave the abortion mill – one hopes, never to come back.
It strikes me that the most reasonable concern of the Sidewalk Advocacy Group is the possibility now or later, that such tactics jeopardize other more frequently successful rescues achieved by sidewalk counselors because they may result in buffer zones being imposed. Prof Miller states that such has not happened and that if and when it does it will be right to reconsider tactics. Why should we let the possibility of deterrence prevent us from saving lives?
As for the claim that the presence of the police is a serious negative, Miller postulates that whether then or later, it is not unlikely that some of the abortion-minded women and staff at abortion mills might come to realize what great sacrifices the rescuers are willing to make to save lives. How can people accept that pro-lifers really believe in the humanity and right to life of the unborn, unless we are willing to make tremendous sacrifices for them? Certainly, doing sidewalk counseling requires sacrifice, but it is in no way equivalent to doing time in jail.
There has always been a lot of disagreement in the prolife movement and that is to be expected. Should we show graphic pictures of aborted babies at rallies, during sidewalk counseling? Should we include mention of contraception in our literature, etc.? Should workers at pregnancy help centers mention God? Should we support compromise legislation? Concerning all these and other matters, people equally committed to stopping abortion have differing views. Yes, let us civilly share our views (as have both sides on this question) and respect the decisions of each other.
But let us not prevent such heroic people as Monica Migliorino Miller and those who do rescue work from doing what they think is most effective in saving lives of the unborn. Prof Miller’s home-made video with her low-key but passionate reasonability won the day, in my mind. I challenge you to watch Monica’s brief video defending rescues and ask yourself if there is any justice in trying to deter her from rescuing.

For a downloadable PDF version of the Janet E. Smith response click here .

Abby McIntyre Responds to
the SAFL anti-RRR video

Pro-lifers, expect that those among us will always be loving, supportive and kind. We expect them to see our efforts for a mutual cause and rejoice. This is not always the case. By nature of being human beings, we quibble on the appropriate method to fight abortion. Each member thinks, “I have the answer!” and we forget that we do not fight for our own sake, but for those who are exploited, killed, and voiceless. Division in the pro-life ranks is exactly what the other side wants—it may be even what the devil wants. A house divided will surely fall.


Sidewalk Advocates for Life recently released a video speaking out against a new initiative, the Red Rose Rescue. I am one of those Rescuers. I am acutely disappointed over the misrepresentation and the effort to malign what we are trying to convey. Our message is simple: we peacefully enter the abortion facility waiting room to offer love and support at the absolute last second before women make the irreversible choice to abort. We speak out in love for the unborn children who have been or are in danger of being aborted.

Abby under arrest Sept. 15, 2017

One of their claims is that those who participate in a Red Rose Rescue ignorantly enter abortion facilities only to be swiftly sent off to federal prison. While this may be an outcome, should we shy away from risk to save even one life from death and hundreds of lives from the pain of experiencing abortion? Furthermore, how do such consequences in any way affect the work of SAFL? I am not ill-informed on the possibilities for my actions. However, I ask, “how much is a life worth?” SAFL filmed half of their video inside a church; did they not notice the man hanging from a cross who endured a violent sacrifice so that each one of us might live? The essence of love is sacrifice. If we are not willing to sacrifice, we are not truly rooted in love.


In no way am I saying that every single person in the United States needs to be arrested by entering an abortion facility and refusing to leave. This would be imprudent, especially for those with families of their own for which to care. We need lawyers to support us, pregnancy help centers that can care for those who leave abortion facilities and a multitude of others in active support of the cause. But we must not shy away from risk.


I am part the millennial generation that is commonly chastised for ignorance, irrationality, and laziness. I wonder if these attributes stem not from our own natures, but from the fact that for 45 years we have been under attack. When our lawmakers and elders attempt to dictate whether our lives are worth a chance in the womb or not, there is difficulty in getting excited about rising to our fullest potentials. The idea of social justice presented to us is that we can only be free if we kill children. 60 million of my would-be friends and neighbors entered the world to be put into plastic “product of conception” bags. I am committed to ending that narrative, whatever it takes.


A Defense of the Pro-Life Rescue
A downloadable copy of this video transcript is available here .

See this very revealing video—a rare look at the difference between pro-lifers and those who support abortion:
Vitriol and Vulgarites: https://youtu.be/GVBLnclLh9s

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Had a Busy Year!
Saving Babies from Abortion
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Your CPLS Director with Angelo—a baby saved from our life-saving efforts.
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Here are just a few 2016 highlights and
please enjoy the most beautiful Hymn appropriate for this Holy Season,
sung at the April 29, 2016 CPLS event--
the link is at the end of the memo with lyrics.
CPLS continues to help women in difficult pregnancies. We turned a number of women away from abortion, especially at the Summit Women’s Services in Detroit. We planned a number of pickets there, co-sponsored by Pro-Life Detroit.
Your CPLS Director at our August 20th demonstration at the Summit Medical Services in Detroit—trying to persuade the father of a baby to not abort his child. Notice the sidewalk that we chalked with pro-life messages!
CPLS is a National Organizer for the Nationwide Protest PP events. Hundreds of Planned Parenthood Clinics were protested April 23rd.
And we always participate locally as well! We were at the PP abortion clinic in Detroit—and faced a counter demonstration of Satanists who subjected us to their most bizarre and incoherent street theater.
This is on You Tube. The link to the video is at the end of this memo.
CPLS is also one of the National Organizers for the Annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies. 180 memorial services took place on September 10th all over the country. Sandra Merritt, David Daleiden’s partner in the Planned Parenthood under-cover videos that exposed PP’s harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts, was the special guest for the CPLS service at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Southfield, MI. 23 babies CPLS retrieved from the trash of the Alberto Hodari Woman Care abortion clinic in Lathrup Village are laid to rest there.
Here Tina Tarrant helps children place flowers on the babies’ grave.
April 29th CPLS hosted David
Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress. It was a great event. 500 people were in attendance to hear this hero of the pro-life movement talk about what it meant for him to do create the under-cover Planned Parenthood videos that rocked the abortion giant and may result in their hideous $500.000 dollar tax funding to finally come to an end!
In May 2016 CPLS was at the University of Notre Dame. Once again Notre Dame honored a pro-abortion public official at its student commencement. This time it conferred the coveted Laetare Medal on Vice President Joe Biden! CPLS was there to protest this outrage. CPLS also blitzed the parking lot outside the Joyce Center with literature explaining the scandal Notre Dame caused by giving honor to someone who supports a law that sends millions of innocent people to their deaths all in contradiction to the faith of the Church!
Your CPLS director stands with other protesters
just outside the main entrance to Notre Dame.
November 12th CPLS picket at Summit Medical Services in Detroit.
One of our members is in deep conversation with a pro-abortion
clinic escort—giving witness to the sanctity of life.
On Nov. 12th students from Catholic Central High School came out to
protest with CPLS at the Summit Medical Services clinic in Detroit. A woman
was turned away from the clinic that day— convinced not to kill her baby!
In 2016 CPLS published this brand new pro-life educational tool—The 40 page booklet:
I was a Stranger

Over two years in the making—it features stunning abortion victim photos, each photo of a baby lost to abortion taken by your CPLS director is paired with insightful, moving and inspiring reflections—featuring Fr. Frank Pavone, David Daleiden, Joseph Scheidler, Jill Stanek, Abby Johnson and others!

We hope that this very unique literature will be used by sidewalk counselors, pregnancy help centers, given out to those who support abortion and will really make a contribution to ending the killing of the unborn!
You can order it here:
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Please pray for the work of CPLS.
Panis Angelicus—composed by Eric Genuis:
Lyrics to Panis Angelicus:
Latin Text English Text
Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
dat panis coelicus
figuris terminum;
o res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum
pauper, pauper
servus et humilis.
pauper, pauper
servus et humilis.

Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
dat panis coelicus
figuris terminum;
o res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum
pauper, pauper
servus et humilis.
pauper, pauper
servus, servus et humilis.
Heavenly bread
That becomes the bread for all mankind;
Bread from the angelic host
That is the end of all imaginings;
Oh, miraculous thing!
This body of God will nourish
Even the poorest,
The most humble of servants.
Even the poorest,
The most humble of servants.

Heavenly bread
That becomes the bread for all mankind;
Bread from the angelic host
That is the end of all imaginings;
Oh, miraculous thing!
This body of God will nourish
Even the poorest,
The most humble of servants.
Even the poorest,
The most humble of servants.
Link to the Satanists street theatre at Detroit Planned Parenthood:

Read Dr. Miller's Review of Defenders of the Unborn-
The Pro-life Movement Before Roe v. Wade.
Click the picture.

Making Sense of the Synod on the Family
October 20, 2014
A Critique of Cardinal Kasper’s
Latest Arguments
By Monica Migliorino Miller

The final report from the Synod is out. Those concerned about the hijacking of the faith in a heterodox direction can breathe a sigh of relief as the new report scraps language in the draft that appeared to approve of, or find “value” in, the homosexual “orientation” and also because it does not take up the issue of Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried. This proposal in the final version failed to gain the needed two thirds support of the bishops. This does not necessarily mean that this hugely troublesome proposal will simply be shelved in some dark closet of the Vatican. We must be prepared to provide well-reasoned arguments against what may be called the Cardinal Kasparian agenda. It’s not too early to put those arguments forward in anticipation of next year’s Ordinary Synod. This article responds to two recently articulated arguments in favor of admitting divorced and remarried Catholics to Holy Communion.

It is clear that Cardinal Walter Kasper, joined by a majority of German bishops and other European prelates, did all he could to facilitate this major pastoral change. While Kasper acknowledged there can be no change in Church doctrine on the indissolubility of sacramental marriage—there is no way of getting around the fact that were such a pastoral change ever to be made it would undermine Catholic teaching on marriage and legitimize adulterous unions contrary to the teachings of Christ.

Read More

Nationally known pro-life leader Jill Stanek featured the CPLS discussion on how to evaluate effective abortion victim photos (reprinted below) on her website blog--you may see it at:
http://www.jillstanek.com/2014/04/are-some-photos-of-abortion-victims-too-gory/  and feel free to join the discussion there.

It is important for the pro-life movement to begin to think about
the effective use of abortion victim photos. As someone who has spent countless hours photographing the victims of abortion, I offer this critique for your consideration.
Your feedback is welcome in the Com Box at the above link.


An Analysis of the Effective Use
of Abortion Victim Photos

by Monica Migliorino Miller

Nationally known, veteran pro-life leader Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society urges the Pro-life Movement to reconsider and re-evaluate the necessary role that abortion victim photos (AVPs) play in bringing about an end to legalized abortion and establishing respect for human life.

Many of Miller’s ideas on this subject are available through her comprehensive article published September 2013 by New Oxford Review—available at http://www.newoxfordreview.org  for a mere $1.50 or by going to the homepage at: http://www.prolifesociety.org .

Miller is one of the few pro-lifers who has actually retrieved aborted babies from the trash and photographed their broken remains. See: http://imagesofabortion.com .

This blog highlights some of Miller’s important points with the goal of prompting discussion and new thinking on this important topic that continues to be hotly debated even within the ranks of the Pro-Life Movement.

  • “Graphic Images” or “Abortion Victim Photos”?
    No longer should pictures of aborted babies be referred to as “graphic images”. The movement should drop that term entirely. These images should be called “abortion victim photos” (AVPs for short) because that is what they are really all about and, moreover, not all photos of abortion victims, while disturbing, are necessarily graphic in nature. The term “abortion victim photos” is terminology that also advocates for the subject of the photos—as these are abortion victims—and not merely graphic images— words that give the instant impression that the subject matter is simply gruesome or repulsive which is not the point of the photos. Using the term AVPs aids the cause for the unborn, as the subjects of the photos are victims of injustice and the language we use should be aimed at helping others make that connection.
  • Life is Short – Use Better Abortion Photos
    While every photo of an abortion victim may be a true depiction of the abortion procedure and what happened to the unborn child, this does not mean that every photo is equal in terms of its effectiveness in raising awareness of the injustice of abortion. Pro-lifers need to begin to think more critically about the kinds of abortion victim photos they choose to display. Pro-lifers often tend to think that the bloodier photos are the more effective photos. This is not necessarily true.

    Whatever photos are selected, the subject of the photo, namely the abortion victim, should be easily recognized, the humanity of the unborn baby the central and immediate focus. Thus photos in which the blood and guts, visceral matter overwhelms, even submerges the abortion victim should be set aside in favor of photos in which the abused victim is easily recognized with whom the viewer can immediately identify—as opposed to emphasis on gruesome factors that are more likely to repel the viewer.

    We really want the viewer to see the abortion victim and not just a “graphic image” of an abortion. It should be realized that all that blood featured in some abortion victim photos is not the blood of the baby—it is the blood of the mother that attends the abortion procedure. Even for this reason the visceral material in the photo should be secondary to the actual abortion victim.

The 3 photos below are examples of AVPs in which the subject of the photo is overwhelmed by, immersed in blood matter and uterine tissue.


While photos 4, 5, 6 and 7 below are graphic, the aborted baby is clearly the focus of the image. Blood and other matter are secondary to the subject.

  • Not All Abortion Victim Photos are Graphic Images
    This is a distinction that is not in any way sufficiently appreciated especially by those in the Pro-Life Movement who oppose the use of AVPs— and who certainly reject their public display. We need to begin to appreciate that AVPs represent a spectrum from very graphic to much less graphic images. Given that such a distinction exists, those who oppose their use have very little foundation upon which to do so. Some images certainly and rightly demonstrate the violence of abortion in all its graphic horror—the shattered remnants of bodies torn apart. Other images however, while still obviously depicting abortion victims, are truly less graphic in nature. Thus perhaps we can begin to move these arguments along that
         1) AVPs, whether graphic or less so, are necessary to the success of the pro-life cause and
         2) Choosing less graphic images is an option and
         3) The use of AVPs is central to the pro-life cause and thus those who use AVPs
             are not the  fringe element of the Movement but mainstream pro-lifers.

    The photos below, while disturbing, are not overtly graphic—indeed some may not be graphic at all.
  • Responses to the Most Common Objections
  1. Children will see the AVPs The crisis of legalized abortion that has claimed the lives of 56 million innocent human beings requires that the truth be publicly exposed. The magnitude of the injustice overrides the possibility that children will see the pictures. It simply makes no sense to forego the public exposure of a national slaughter that has sent tens of millions of children to their deaths for the sake of sparing children who might see the photos and be affected by them. There is absolutely no proof that children who see such images suffer any lasting negative effects.
  2. Women who have had abortions will be disturbed by the AVPs The primary victims of abortion are the millions of unborn children who perish under the law in a violent death, in a nation that at least tolerates, and at worst advocates, such killing. Again the enormity of the injustice requires that the public be awakened to the slaughter. Furthermore there simply is no one-size-fits-all response of post-abortive women to such images. In addition we should consider how AVPs actually prevent women from getting abortions in the first place thus sparing them a life of grief and regret.
  3. Women who have had abortions will be disturbed by the AVPs The primary victims of abortion are the millions of unborn children who perish under the law in a violent death, in a nation that at least tolerates, and at worst advocates, such killing. Again the enormity of the injustice requires that the public be awakened to the slaughter. Furthermore there simply is no one-size-fits-all response of post-abortive women to such images. In addition we should consider how AVPs actually prevent women from getting abortions in the first place thus sparing them a life of grief and regret.



The use of graphic images of abortion victims in pro-life work has in more recent decades become a point of conflict and debate within the pro-life movement itself, especially the public display of such images. Monica Migliorino Miller’s recently published article is an unprecedented comprehensive examination of this issue. Published in the September 2013 New Oxford Review

The article it is now available on the NOR website for a limited time at: http://www.newoxfordreview.org/article.jsp?did=0913-miller
THE ARTICLE IS POSTED ON THIS SITE AT: http://www.prolifesociety.com/pages/ArticlesAndPublications/norGraphicImages.pdf

The author has herself retrieved hundreds of aborted babies from trash containers and spent hundreds of hours photographing the bodies. Miller argues strongly that photos of abortion victims play a vital role in the efforts of the right-to-life movement to establish respect for the lives of the unborn and abolish the injustice of abortion. Among other areas of discussion Miller provides a history of the use of these images in the pro-life movement. However, she urges that the time has come for the movement to evaluate which photos of abortion victims are most effective. This means pro-lifers should be more critical and sophisticated in the selection of photos displayed in public, in literature and educational materials. She states: “Not all abortion victim photos are equal” and goes on to explain that it is a mistake that the “gorier and bloodier the image, the more effective it will be in depicting the injustice of abortion.”

Miller agrees that abortion victim photos will innately contain graphic elements, but argues that such aspects of the photos must be secondary to the subject of the abortion victims presented in the photos. To the viewer of a “graphic image” the abortion victim must be immediately recognizably human. Miller explains:

“Blood and extraneous uterine matter should not overwhelm the aborted baby in the photo. Indeed even a kind of mathematical ratio can be used to evaluate the usefulness of a graphic image. If the blood and gore is more than or even equal to the actual baby—such a photo should be set aside in favor of an image in which the actual human victim is primary. It is not only or primarily the violence of abortion that pro-lifers should display to the world, but the actual hidden and silent human victim of abortion will be the focus of the more effective images.” Miller continues:

“The viewer of the image of an aborted baby should be able to identify with the victim — not simply be shocked or repulsed by the blood-drenched image. The photo should provoke pathos, pity, sorrow, and a response to the injustice done to the baby, whose humanity is obvious in the midst of the tragedy and violence. To the majority of viewers whom pro-lifers are trying to reach, that first glance is the most important — indeed, it might not just be the first glance but the only glance — and thus its impact in drawing the viewer into the humanity of the victim cannot be squandered.”

Miller also urges that the pro-life movement drop the term “graphic images” when referring to photos of aborted babies. Many abortion photos—even effective ones are indeed extremely “graphic images”—but the term itself does not capture or encompass the essence of this type of photography. She states: “The movement needs to stop using that term. Instead we should refer to these pictures as “abortion victim photos” or “abortion victim photography.”

Distinctions exist between a graphic image that instantly repulses the viewer, an image with an appropriate proportion of extraneous graphic elements, and photos of abortion victims that certainly are disturbing, but in which the blood and gore is nearly absent. Miller’s article calls for a deeper appreciation for these distinctions and states: “Those who oppose the use of ‘graphic images’ need not necessarily oppose photos of abortion victims per se. Whatever side one may take in the debate, given that a difference exists between an excessively graphic image and an image of an abortion victim — between a repulsive image and a disturbing image— pro-lifers who object to the use of all abortion-victim photography should reexamine and move beyond that objection.”

Miller states: “There are many great pro-lifers who are dedicated to the display of abortion victim photos. What they do is essential to the movement. Their work should be supported and encouraged. I simply want to urge those of us on the front lines to look at abortion victim photos in a new way—to not be threatened or afraid to re-evaluate what we are doing and urge the selection of photos in which the tragic victim of abortion ‘however graphic’ is primary and obvious.”

The New Oxford Review Article covers the following topics:
  1. History of the use of these images in the pro-life movement
  2. Summary of the recent debate
  3. Responses to the objections as to their use
  4. Why we need to stop using the term “graphic images” and instead use the term “abortion victim photos”
  5. Why not all abortion images are equal in their effectiveness and how to judge a bad photo versus a good one
  6. The ethics of abortion victim photography
  7. When and where to use the photos


This 10 minute video shows close-up just some of the aborted babies who were buried in 1988—taken from the trash as they were left out on a loading dock at the Vital Med pathology lab in Northbrook, IL. Citizens for a Pro-life Society and the Pro-Life Action League retrieved over 5000 bodies from the Vital Med trash and provided these victims with humane burials. The babies in the video were buried by CPLS with 1200 others at Holy Cross Cemetery, Milwaukee, WI, Sept.10, 1988 ALL OF THIS IS CHRONICLED IN ABANDONED— THE UNTOLD STORY OF THE ABORTION WARS-- SEE LINK TO BOOK IN SIDE BAR


Pro-Lifers Mark Closing of East Dearborn Abortion Clinic

Photo: Section of crowd that gathered for a memorial service June 15th at the closed American Family Planning abortion clinic in East Dearborn, MI. The clinic, open for 20 years, closed April 12.

160 pro-lifers from the Detroit metro area gathered Saturday, June 15th in the parking lot of the American Family Planning abortion clinic to mark the clinic's closing and pay tribute to the thousands of unborn children aborted there in the clinic's 20 year history. The clinic shut its doors April 12th when it's owner Noon- Nahm Ann announced that he was retiring. However memorial service organizer Monica Migliorino Miller of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society was told by East Dearborn commercial properties inspector Keith Woodcock that Ann closed the clinic as a consequence of new Michigan State law that requires any clinic that performs 120 or more abortions per year to be license as an outpatient ambulatory surgical treatment center and upgrade their facility in compliance with the new safety regulations. The 73 year-old abortionist opted to shut his clinic instead.

Saturday's memorial service featured Protestant pastors as well as Father Aaron Depeyster of St. Sebastian Parish. Nationally known late-term abortion survivor Melissa Ohden addressed the crowd as well as two women who had been talked out of their scheduled abortions at the AFP clinic by members of Guadalupe Partners --a group that co-sponsored the event.

Photo: Two young girls are among those who gathered for a memorial service June 15th at the closed American Family Planning abortion clinic in East Dearborn, MI. The clinic, open for 20 years, closed April 12.

American Family Planning is one of 10 Michigan abortion clinics that has closed or been kept from opening in the past 18 months and the second clinic to close as a consequence of the new Michigan state law that was passed to insure women's safety after several Michigan abortion clinics were investigated by state agencies for improper or even illegal medical practices.

Photo: Melissa Ohden, nationally known abortion survivor, addresses crowd gathered for a memorial service June 15th at the closed American Family Planning abortion clinic in East Dearborn, MI. The clinic, open for 20 years, closed April 12.

Miller states: "We look forward to the day when every abortion clinic across the land will be closed, when every human life will be loved, accepted and honored-- when this culture of death will become a culture of life. Thousands of innocent human beings lost their lives at the AFP clinic--their silent voices call us to work for a culture of life--and to help all mothers everywhere so they will not be tempted to kill their unborn babies."

Photo: Chantell from Detroit listens to a speaker at the June 15th memorial service at the closed American Family Planning abortion clinic in East Dearborn, MI. The clinic, open for 20 years, closed April 12.
Photo: The door of the closed American Family Clinic--with flowers for the dead. The clinic is not being remodeled--and is expected to be put up for sale by its abortionist owner Noon-Nahm Ann. Photo: A participant at the CPLS memorial service at the closed American Family Planning abortion clinic in East Dearborn, MI marks the back door with an emblem of faith. Indeed, may the Blood of Christ triumph over all such places of death.

New -- Great Review of Abandoned

Monica Migliorino Miller’s Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars resists singular classification: It is equal parts memoir, documentary, and a history of her pro-life work. Her exposé hails from the front lines of the war on babies; it is packed with heart-wrenching drama that follows pro-life battles on the ground and in the courtroom. Miller is founder of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and is associate professor of religious studies at Madonna University in Michigan. She is also one of a small group of intrepid souls who dumpster-dived to recover the destroyed bodies of abandoned, aborted babies, and arranged burials and funeral Masses for thousands of them.

Read More



As of Saturday, March 2, 2013 the Women’s Advisory abortion center located at 27549 Six Mile Road, Livonia, MI. has closed its doors forever!


In addition—its sister clinic, Sharpe’s Family Planning,16738 East Warren in Detroit, is also NOW CLOSED and the building up for sale! Both clinics were owned and operated by abortionist, Reginald Sharpe.

Women's Advisory abortion clinic-- CLOSED--Livonia, MI. Sharpe's NOW CLOSED Detroit abortion clinic-- painted black!

The clinic closings were discovered by Livonia native and veteran pro-life activist Lynn Mills, who has focused much of her pro-life efforts at the Women’s Advisory clinic since it opened 31 years ago.


The Livonia Women’s Advisory clinic is the very same abortion center were in 2008 members of CPLS found the remains of aborted babies tossed in the clinic’s trash dumpster, as well excessive bio- hazard waste and patient records all in violation of Michigan State Statues and federal HIPAA law.

Leg of baby aborted March 2008 at the now closed Women's Advisory clinic, Livonia, MI. An eye of baby aborted April 2008 at the now closed Women's Advisory clinic, Livonia, MI.

The discovery of the closing of the Livonia clinic was made Saturday morning March 2nd when Lynn Mills and seven other pro-lifers were praying outside of the facility. Noticing very little activity at the usually busy clinic Lynn asked a friend to call the clinic and see if the clinic was taking any appointments. To the utter astonishment of the pro-lifers, the clinic staff member said over the phone that the clinic was “permanently closed.” The clinic staff member then referred the pro-lifer to another clinic address where an abortion could be obtained at Six Mile Road and Greenfield in Detroit.


This clinic is none other than the Summit Women’s Center—the same abortion clinic that hired notorious abortionist Robert Alexander after his house-of-horrors clinic in Muskegon, MI. was forcibly shut down by the local fire marshal due to its unsafe and unsanitary conditions. Apparently Summit adopts abortionists who have no other place to go. However, Summit, after a few months, decided not to employ Alexander’s services —possibly due to his negative reputation following the adverse publicity surrounding his Muskegon facility. But is Reginald Sharpe really any better?

Consider this:
In 2005 Sharpe’s medical license was suspended due to a 3rd trimester abortion at 27 weeks, an abortion performed in violation of Michigan state law that permits elective abortions “only” through the 24 week. The order of Summary Suspension charges Sharpe with “negligence, incompetence, and actions that constitute lack of good moral character.” The clinic informed the woman that she was “only” 23 weeks gestation.
Photo of abortionist Reginald Sharpe
at his Livonia clinic--
taken by Lynn Mills in 2009.

After the abortion the women experienced severe physical trauma. She delivered a dead baby at the clinic while Sharpe had already left to do abortions at his Detroit facility.


The late term abortion incident occurred Feb. 24-25, Sharpe’s license was suspended April 1st and his Livonia clinic mysteriously burnt four days later on April 5th. Sharpe seemed not to care that numerous patient records were blown all over the property. The abortion clinic was rebuilt and soon back in business. Proof of arson was never determined.


On January 11, 2008 at his Warren Avenue clinic in Detroit, Sharpe performed an abortion on a 26 year old woman, 15 weeks pregnant who later died of complications. The civil complaint filed against Sharpe states that he: “perforated [the woman’s] uterus, cut a uterine blood vessel, lacerated her intestines, and liver.” The woman experienced a series of seizures and heart attacks, had to have a total hysterectomy and a “neurological evaluation determined that she had massive swelling of the brain due to long periods of oxygen deprivation.” The woman died January 19th— eight days after the abortion began.


Also at his Detroit clinic, April 2, 2011 Sharpe performed an abortion on a woman whom he told “your pregnancy is barely visible.” It turns out that the woman had an ectopic pregnancy that Sharpe failed to diagnose. Fifteen days later the woman’s fallopian tube burst, causing the woman to pass out with pain, hit her head and fall on the bathroom floor. The bursting of a fallopian tube, due to an ectopic pregnancy is potentially fatal for the woman. The fallopian tube was subsequently removed. This is not the first time Sharpe failed to detect an ectopic pregnancy. When doing abortions at Renee Chelian’s Northland Family Clinic in Westland, MI. Sharpe failed to diagnose such a pregnancy which resulted in a March 2006 $50,000 settlement paid to the woman.


Back at his house-of-horrors in Livonia, August 5, 2011 Sharpe performed an abortion on a 23 year-year-old woman, 19 weeks pregnant. The woman complained that the procedure was extremely painful— “that it felt like he was stabbing her.” Sharpe called 911, the woman was taken to the nearest emergency room, where an ultra sound showed that the baby’s fetal head was left in her uterus. Exploratory surgery discovered the woman’s uterus was punctured at least seven times and that fetal parts were found outside of the uterine wall. The woman also suffered lacerations of the cervix and vaginal walls. The woman’s uterus needed to be removed, resulting in permanent sterility.


Civil suits filed against Sharpe for botched abortions may have led to his decision to file for bankruptcy last Oct.15, 2012. This means that women, victims of his abortion practice, will not see a single cent. All their cases were dismissed by the court 2 weeks after Sharpe filed for the bankruptcy.


In the days prior to Saturday, March 2nd Women’s Advisory in Livonia was up and running. On Saturday the clinic was dead. One of those praying at the clinic on Saturday with Lynn Mills noticed that the clinic’s front door was open—yet no one was in the building. Oddly the empty clinic was left unsecured. Police were called to the site and locked the clinic doors-- hopefully these clinic doors will remain forever locked against the killing of the innocent unborn, and the Sharpe clinics will be a sad, but ended chapter in Michigan abortion history.


Huge credit goes to Lynn Mills for her research in finding the lawsuits against Sharpe, the death certificate and Sharpe’s filing of bankruptcy – tedious research that took days to accomplish.

 The closing of these two abortion centers comes on the heels of the 2012 retirement of two Michigan abortionists, Enrique Gerbi and Alberto Hodari, one of the most notorious abortionists in America, along with the shut-down of Robert Alexander’s abortion clinic in Muskegon.

Livonia police show up at Women's Advisory on the day it closed
its doors, March 2, 2013-- to secure
strangely open front door.
God be praised and thanked.

Needless to say, pro-lifers rejoice in the closing of the latest Michigan abortion centers. A great—huge thank you goes out to all the faithful pro-lifers who ever prayed, sidewalk counseled, blocked the doors—pulled babies out of the clinic’s trash and were a witness to the sanctity of human life at the Reginald Sharpe death-centers. Pray that he will be converted.


A memorial service for all the unborn killed at the Women’s Advisory clinic in Livonia will take place in the coming weeks. So stay tuned!



The Newtown Slaughter: 
A Pro-Life Commentary

By Monica Migliorino Miller

On December 16, 2012, Barack Obama visited Newtown, Connecticut –scene of the slaughter of the Innocents—namely those 20 school children gunned down by a mad man. In the flash of an eye these precious children, with six adults, were gone in an unspeakable, unimaginable act of cruelty. Obama attended a religious memorial service at the Newtown public high school—a service drenched in prayers to God—notice the ACLU dared NOT raise a voice of protest. There Obama delivered a speech.

Read Full Commentary Here


A new book by Monica Miller, Ph.D
tells the story of a life fighting abortion

Reviewed by Mark Sullivan (Catholic World Report: December 4, 2012)

“The time may come when we date the beginning of the collapse of the Soviet system from the appearance of Gulag,”wrote a German reviewer of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s masterpiece, The Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation. It may sound crazy, but the time may also come when we date the end of legalized abortion in the United States from the publication of Abandoned: The Untold Story of the Abortion Wars by Monica Migliorino Miller (Saint Benedict Press, 2012).

I recently began reading the abridged version of Gulag, and I was stuck by Solzhenitsyn’s descriptions of the injustice and the powerlessness of the people in communist Russia — in particular, by how fittingly his descriptions of the power structures of the Soviet system could be applied to the institutions that promote and protect legalized abortion in this country. I thought it would make an interesting story, so I requested a review copy of Abandoned. I thought it would make a good point of departure to talk about Solzhenitsyn.

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With 125 Cities Tallied out of 140,
Oct. 20th Rally Headcount at 25,772
“People of Faith Cannot Comply with Your Unjust Mandate!”

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We Rallied For Religious Freedom --- What Does This Mean?

A Reflection on the October 20th Nationwide
Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D.
Citizens for a Pro-life Society, Director
Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rallies, National Co-Chairman

As I write these words—the most important election in American history will take place in just two weeks—an election that will decide the very future of our nation and so much is at stake. For the first time since the pilgrims disembarked the May Flower the issue of religious liberty is something that voters must take into consideration when they discern for whom they will cast their vote on Nov. 6th. This is the time in which we live! Even with the election of Obama four short years ago (and for many it may seem like a lot longer) who would have predicted that religious liberty would be under attack through this president’s administration in the Health and Human Services Mandate? Even all those Catholics who voted for Obama—but for whom Obama’s support for legalized abortion should have been enough of a disincentive—never envisioned that this president would initiate and stand by a decree that so seriously compromises the consciences of people of faith. Now Catholics, Protestants, Jews, all people of faith, and indeed all people of good will have another serious issue with which to measure current candidates for office!

Obama announced the HHS mandate at the end of January 2012. The Stand Up for Religious Freedom nationwide rally, immediately in the wake of this announcement, became a reality, and it is still the only national public event that has voiced opposition to the HHS mandate—the only event that took this opposition to the streets and provided the absolutely essential public voice of protest to this unjust government intrusion into religious practice and ministry. While the turn out for the 3rd rally was not as high as the first two-- OK-- well-- let’s put some perspective into the October 20th head-count--

We need to keep in mind that it is very possible that holding the rally on a Saturday, rather than a Friday, actually contributed to lower attendance. Weekends are actually a time when families have other duties to which they must attended. October weather may have played its role and let’s also keep in mind that many of those who support these rallies and who would have attended the October 20th event were actually out working for the candidates that support religious freedom—which is exactly what we want!

This is the 3rd rally since the end of March! There is simply nothing that can compare to the national scope, success and influence of these rallies—after all, even the March for Life happens only once a year! That the Stand Up rally kept the momentum going since March means that the October rally was a huge success. October 20th rallies took place in 140 cities. This means that we have seen no less than a whopping 440 rallies for religious freedom in just 9 months with a total of 150,000 people participating literally all across America—coast to coast! This sort of public protest is unprecedented!

The October 20th rally attracted tens of thousands of participants—the vast majority of whom were new attendees! The October rally saw great speakers, great enthusiasm and more than respectable press coverage!

The following is all that needs to be said:-- no matter how many people come out, no matter whether speakers are mediocre or spectacular orators, no matter if media coverage is extensive or poor-- THESE RALLIES HAVE TO TAKE PLACE—AND IF OBAMA WINS THE ELECTION-- MORE AND MORE PUBLIC OPPOSITION MUST BE LAUNCHED!

These Stand Up rallies have raised up hundreds of new activist leaders—leaders with fire in their belly who have now cultivated significant organizational skills to take this movement into the future! New leaders have been raised up prepared for the fight! That alone is a huge success—and let’s not ever underestimate the importance of this dimension of what these rallies are all about!

The October rally is one of the most important ways that public awareness is kept alive concerning the threat of the HHS mandate—indeed, it may be argued that this rally was the primary way that attention has been kept on the injustice of the HHS mandate as our nation heads into the general election. It’s not just about the rally event itself but the post-rally videos, blogs, Face Book pages, Tweets, news articles and photos, still being generated, that extends the rally into the future and also keeps the issue of the threat to religious liberty alive in these final days before the election.

A great huge heartfelt thanks goes to all the dedicated rally captains. You are the engine that drive these rallies! Thank you to all the speakers who lent their time, talent and prestige to these events. Thanks to all the bishops and religious leaders who spoke at these rallies and gave their support for this public protest. And thanks to all those who came out and participated in this essential exercise of our American First Amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly.

Let us pray and work for the defense of that primary First Amendment right—the right to religious liberty—and for the graces needed to stand up for what we believe against all governmental attacks and persecution –even if it means jail—even if it means death.

God Bless You All!

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Obama-- "Gay Marriage" is NOT Marriage. Here’s Why.

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D.

As a pro-life leader, theologian, wife and mother I feel it is necessary for me to finally weigh-in on the issue of so-called “gay marriage” in light of Obama’s recently-declared support for same-sex so-called “marital” unions. This article is not a full-blown treatise on the subject. I intend here to provide a concise argument as to why same-sex sexual activity is not the moral, social, cultural equal to heterosexual marital unions—and thus should not be granted equal status in law. In addition, I will also explain who or what is to blame for the moral and intellectual break-down on the subject of marriage represented by the current advocacy for “gay marriage.”  MORE .....

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