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Dinesh D’Souza calls AbandonedTHE BEST BOOK ever written on abortion!” D’Souza is a New York Times best-selling author of multiple volumes and is the director of 2016: Obama's America, the "No. 1, largest-grossing conservative documentary ever....." --- quote is from the Washington Times

Abandoned called “…the Uncle Tom’s Cabin of the abortion issue.” --- Jack Ames

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Images of Abortion.
These are unborn babies
Retrieved from
Womans Choice dumpster,
Lansing, MI
by Chris Veneklase,
Feb. 26, 2010.
All photos taken by CPLS.
New Study Shows Abortion
Victim Photos Are Effective
CPLS Director Explains Importance
of Use of Abortion Victim Photos
LifeSite News Interview
Click image for Story and Interview
Comments on the Gosnell Trial
Click here for "Seven Reasons
Why Abortion is the Preeminent
Social/Political Issue"
(printable .pdf)
Here is what can be found
in the Archives:
Now That Trump Has Won
Womans Choice Clinic
Dumpster Scandal (2010)
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Womens Advisory Center Dumpster Scandal Abortionist Sharpe (2008)
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Woman Care Clinic
Dumpster Scandal
Abortionist Hodari (2008)
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Notre Dame Protest  Arrests and Litigation Updates (2009-ongoing)
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The Owosso Incident and the New York Times Coup
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The Dingell Town Hall and HealthCare Reform Deception
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The Tiller Killing
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Demonstrations, Activism and Other Information
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 Click Here

Join the National Boycott of CVS
and Walgreens Pharmacies!!

National Day of Protest! Feb. 4th
Organize a Picket in Your Town!
You can sign up here:
Recently the FDA made regulatory changes which would allow chemical abortion pills to be obtained at local pharmacies. This would turn neighborhood drug stores into abortion clinics! And both CVS and Walgreens have registered to dispense the chemical abortion drugs that kill human beings like this one!
See links to articles below.
Mifepristone is the first of the two pills used in a chemical abortion. The drug works by cutting off nutrients necessary for a fetus to continue developing. The second drug, Misoprostol, is taken 24 to 48 hours later and induces contractions that expel the dead unborn child.
  1. Here’s the call to action-- If you purchase your prescriptions at CVS or Walgreens—TELL your local pharmacy that you are no longer patronizing the store and tell them why. You can make a copy of one of the articles below—see links—and give the pharmacy manager a copy of the article. And of course URGE that the particular pharmacy make a decision to NOT be one of the stores that WILL dispense the killer drugs.
  2. Write a letter of protest to the CVS and Walgreens headquarters—see addresses below.
  3. TAKE TO THE STREETS SATURDAY FEB.4TH! Organize a picket of YOUR local Walgreens and/or CVS! If you sign up on the link above—a banner will be sent to you.
Make your own picket signs:
  • CVS (or Walgreens) Plans to Kill Babies
  • Stop Abortion at CVS (or Walgreens)
  • Boycott CVS (or Walgreens)
And see here other resources and downloadable flier to pass out:
Links to Articles:
Contact info for Walgreens and CVS:
Walgreen Co.
200 Wilmot Road
MS #2002
Deerfield, IL 60015
CVS Corporation
Customer Relations
One CVS Drive
Woonsocket, RI 02895

Your CPLS Director Writes on the Sad Saga of Proposal 3 in Michigan! Click here:

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The Best Secular News Coverage of Any Pro-Life Related Event And it is Coverage of the Burial of Aborted Babies!
Video Links Below
Requiem for
the Disappeared
New York Times Videos
the Owosso Incident
Woman's Choice
Clinic Investigation
Bishop Boyea Buries
Womans Choice Babies
CPLS Pickets Obama
at U of MI
Nun Arrested
at Notre Dame
Children Protest
Planned Parenthood