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Doctor Investigated by State

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By Ken Abramczyk,
June 29, 2008

Reporters and cameramen were present in front of Women's Advisory clinic on Friday, June 27, 2008, at 8:00 AM for the scheduled press conference prior to burial of the aborted babies. Following is the Detroit Hometown Observer article.

The Department of Environmental Quality has cited Reginald Sharpe, the owner of the Women's Advisory Center in Livonia, for five violations of the Medical Waste Regulatory Act.


These violations stemmed from a complaint received by the Livonia Police Department alleging improper disposal of regulated medical waste generated at the family planning clinic. The Michigan Department of Community Health is also investigating Sharpe.


Citizens for a Pro-Life Society held a press conference Friday on the clinic regarding the violations. Monica Migliorino, director of the Citizens for a Pro-Life Society distributed graphic photos of what the group said members found when members went through the clinic's trash in April. They also said they found patient records.


The DEQ inspected the facility on April 30. The DEQ cited Sharpe in that the packaging and storage of medical waste at the producing facility did not prevent a release of medical waste; that medical waste was improperly separated and placed into unlabeled containers (black trash bags) at the facility; and that medical waste was mixed with other waste.


The clinic also was cited because a medical waste management plan was not available for review at the time of the DEQ's inspection; and that the medical practice was not registered as a medical waste producing facility. The DEQ requested corrective action on the compliance issues, including prior separation and disposal of medical waste; disposing the waste through a contracted medical waste collection service; a copy onsite of a plan furnished to the DEQ; employee training on the proper handling of medical waste; and registration as a proper medical waste producing facility.


Sharpe could not be reached for comment.


State Rep. Bill Huizenga, R-Zeeland, has introduced legislation allowing parents to decide what they want to do with fetal remains, requiring written authorization before disposing the remains, giving them the right of cremation or burial.


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