What CPLS Did in 2010


In addition to the fact that 16 members of CPLS, including your CPLS director, still face charges from our protest of Obama at the University of Notre Dame-- that litigation is still on-going-- here is a list of just some of what we did in did in 2010:

  • CPLS members searched the trash dumpsters of the Womans Choice abortion clinics--in Lansing and Saginaw, Michigan over a series of weekends from March through May 2010.

  • CPLS discovered extensive medical waste and dozens of patient records.

  • CPLS spent literally hours painstakingly photographing the 17 abortion victims found in the Womans Choice, Lansing, MI dumpster. These are the most compelling, poignant and effective photos of abortion victims you are likely to ever see.

  • CPLS participated in several meetings with representatives from the Michigan Attorney General's office, Eaton County and Saginaw County Sheriffs departments, detectives, Eaton County prosecutors-- to bring charges against Womans Choice clinics. The AG's office is still working on this case.

  • CPLS video-taped the dumpster searches, the remains of the abortion victims and made these searches available on You Tube.

  • CPLS helped organize a very well attended press conference that exposed the Womans Choice abortion clinic atrocities---and called for charges to be filed against the clinic for its violation of Michigan law.

  • CPLS organized the Sept. 3rd grave marker dedication ceremony for the babies we took out of the trash in 2008--retrieved from the dumpster of the Alberto Hodari abortion mill in Lathrup Village, MI. Archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron officiated. 150 people attended.

  • CPLS organized the October 30th prayer vigil, led by Archbishop Vigneron, at the Clarkston, MI abortion clinic-- 450 people attended.

  • CPLS was a principal organizer of the November 20th funeral services for the17 babies retrieved from the trash by Chris Veneklase. The Mass was celebrated by Lansing bishop Earl Boyea. 1000 people attended. This was the largest burial of abortion victims since the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. Following the Mass, the babies were laid to rest at St. Joseph's Cemetery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GuDBRd7KVQ

Now we are in the midst of a great battle to stop Planned Parenthood from opening its death center in Auburn Hills. To date CPLS is responsible for getting 250 people to the Dec. 6th Auburn Hills city council meeting, organized the first of many strategy sessions on Dec. 11, and the first of many public demonstrations on Dec. 17th.