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14 Trunk Abortionist Babies
Will Be Buried Nov. 3rd --
and One Buried Nov. 24th
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One of the aborted babies found in the trunk of abortionist Michael Roth’s car.
Solemn Funeral Services
Will Be Held Nov. 3, 2018
Funeral Mass 11 a.m. celebrated by Archdiocese of Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Gerald Battersby at the Church of the Transfiguration located at 25225 Code Rd., Southfield, MI 48033 Burial to Follow Immediately at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery 25800 W 10 Mile Rd, Southfield, MI.

In Sept. 2015 the remains of 15 aborted babies were discovered in the trunk of the car of Michigan abortionist Michael Roth by the West Bloomfield police department. Here’s the story. Late in May 2014 Michael Roth lost his lease in the Novi, Michigan building where he ran an abortion clinic for over 20 years. Indeed, he may have lost his lease due to the activism of Lynn Mills of Pro-life Michigan who in February of that year organized a picket of Roth’s abortion center and had even previously distributed to tenants in the building information regarding Roth’s sordid abortion practice. She explains: “Roth has a sad and disgusting history of lawsuits, Attorney General violations, including doing at-home abortions in the 1990's, and sanctions placed on him by Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA), the licensing arm of the State of Michigan.”

In the next few months Roth attempted to rent other office space to restart his abortion practice. Again activist Lynn Mills, through her investigative skills, was able to discover exactly where Roth intended to relocate. Twice she succeeded in influencing landlords not to rent to abortionist Roth. In the early Winter of 2015 Roth went on to rent office space in Farmington Hills, MI. but it appears his lease did not permit him to do abortions. Mills sent an assistant into the new office location. She tried to secure an abortion appointment and was told Roth was not offering abortions. He would eventually close up this office as well.

The Car Accident that Revealed a Terrible Secret

In September of 2015 Roth was involved in a car accident in his hometown of West Bloomfield where he struck and seriously injured a pedestrian on Orchard Lake Road. As a consequence, Roth’s car was impounded by local law enforcement.

Roth asked the West Bloomfield police if he could retrieve his garage door remote control devices that were inside the impounded vehicle. The police accommodated his request. When they opened the car to locate the remotes they also discovered Roth was illegally in possession of medications. The Michigan Attorney General’s own June 2016 press statement explains: “Local police found evidence of six prescriptions for Ciprofloxacin, a common antibiotic used with abortion procedures, which was allegedly written by Dr. Angel Ojeda, a doctor who runs the Eastland Women’s Center in Eastpointe, Michigan. The clinic’s primary focus is terminating pregnancies. Officers also found vials of Fentanyl, a drug commonly used as a sedative during termination procedures, as well as containers of post-conception material.”

“Medical records indicate that Roth sometimes worked out of Dr. Ojeda’s clinic. Dr. Ojeda and the women whose names were listed on the prescriptions alleged they had no knowledge of the prescriptions. Dr. Ojeda also stated that a large amount of Fentanyl was stolen from his office in December 2014. When interviewed, Ojeda stated he had never given Roth permission to have Fentanyl or Ciprofloxacin from his clinic, a statement which was corroborated by a clinic employee. A separate medical assistant employed at the Eastland Women’s Center allegedly admitted to stealing medical equipment and medications used in abortions from the clinic for Roth and that he was fully aware the materials were stolen.”

“A search warrant was completed on Roth’s home and office. Additional vials of Fentanyl were found at the home. Both the Fentanyl found in the car and in the house were matched to the Fentanyl that was allegedly stolen from the women’s clinic. The search warrant also revealed a large amount of cash with names and what is believed to be pregnancy information attached to each bundle of cash, medical materials such as syringes, disposable scalpels and empty containers similar to the ones filled with post-conception material found in Roth’s car.”

The Police Make a Shocking Discovery
Photo. One of the babies found in trunk of abortionist Roth’s car.  

Due to Lynn Mills notifying landlords that they were about to have an abortionist for a tenant, Roth was an abortionist without a clinic and it appears that he simply began doing abortions in hotel rooms or even in the private homes of his female clients.

Citizens for a Pro-Life Society knew that the trunk abortionist babies were being held as evidence by the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s office and spent nearly two years in an effort to obtain them for the purposes of a humane burial. Finally, after dozens of phone calls made by CPLS director Monica Migliorino Miller and letters of request, the babies Roth aborted, found in the trunk of his car were given to our pro-life group.

Oddly Roth was never charged with doing illegal abortions. Since Roth was a licensed physician the Assistant Attorney General handling the case lacked confidence that they would achieve a conviction regarding Roth’s apparently doing abortions outside of a clinic setting.

Six of the fifteen specimen jars containing remains of aborted babies found in the trunk of abortionist Michael Roth car, Sept. 29, 2016.

Lynn Mills attended the court hearings and states: “One mill worker turned state’s evidence to save herself and gave up the nickname “Big Daddy” that she called Roth. She admitted how she stole various medical items for him. I could go on about how Roth sat in court, several days, staring at the ceiling, seeming cold and indifferent to what was going on, like he didn’t belong there. He had his M.D. title taken away in September of 2017 and is no longer referred to as doctor. Mr. Roth is how he is now referred to by the State. Roth was finally convicted a year ago in November of 2017 on three counts of Larceny in a Building. He got a slap on the wrist, lost his medical license and received no jail time. He still has not paid his fine to the State or to Macomb County. He gets to live his life, but the babies don’t. He has a name, but the babies don't.”

For Lynn Mills’ Full Account of the Trunk Abortionist Babies See:
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