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Owosso Incident.....Breaking News

Harlan James Drake has been arraigned for the September 11, 2009 shooting deaths of anti-abortion activist Jim Pouillon, 63, and Michael Fuoss, 61. Pouillon was a well-known local activist and member of Operation Save America. It was apparently the first time an activist had ever been murdered while protesting abortion.

At 7:20 AM, a gunman in a passing vehicle shot Pouillon he protested across the street from Owosso High School in Owosso, Michigan. Witnesses recorded the license plate number, and an hour later police arrested Drake. Drake indicated he had also shot Fuoss at the gravel business he owned.

Authorities said Fuoss was not connected to the anti-abortion movement. A Center for Reproductive Rights spokesperson said the shooting did not seem to be tied to the abortion debate due to the murder of Fuoss.

Police said Drake was offended by anti-abortion material that Pouillon had displayed across from the school for the previous week.

Harlan DrakeHarlan J Drake was charged with 2 counts of murder. Drake has additional charges of carrying a firearm with unlawful intent, and felony firearm. Drake had plans to kill a realtor living in Owosso but he was arrested before he had time to commit this murder. Police said Drake’s motive was the grudges he bore against the men.

Jim Pouillon, an anti-abortion activist, was fatally shot. Jim Pouillon, 63, was standing with a sign outside a high school when a gunman killed him. Pouillon was shot by a gunman in a car. Pouillon often stood outside the school holding signs with graphics of aborted fetuses.

The gunman suspect was arrested and he confessed to a second shooting death. Mike Fuoss, 61, was killed in his office. Mike Fuoss was inside the office of his gravel production company. The gunman and Fuoss were acquainted with each other. The gunman is from Owosso and is 33 years old.

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