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Simple Memorial for Pro-Life Activist, James Pouillon

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors

Jim Pouillon
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At least 800 filled the stands at the Willman Sports Field, Owosso, MI
Mourners absorbed in prayer.
Family members assembled for the service. Jim's pastor gives a eulogy.
Jim's children sitting in the front row.

The Willman Sports Field in Owosso, Michigan was the site for Wednesday's memorial service for martyred pro-lifer, James Pouillon. The service was attended by 800 people (it should have been three times that many) gathered to pay their respects to a man gunned down for the pro-life cause on Friday, Sept. 11, 2009. Some came from as far away as New York, Iowa and California. Well known pro-life leaders such as Matt Trewhella attended with his family as well as Chris Slattery who founded and operates several crisis pregnancy centers in New York City. Well known pro-life activitist Chet Gallagher was also there. Media coverage was extensive, if one can judge by the dozens of reporters, photographers and cameramen who came out to cover the event.

Jim Pouillon was killed in cold blood as he held a pro-life sign, standing alone across the street from the Owosso High School. One side of the poster showed the face of a newborn baby--the other side was a photo of a victim of abortion. It is uncertain which side of the poster Jim displayed when he was killed--but the gunman, Harlan Drake, told the prosecutor that he took lethal action against Jim because of the nature of his pro-life message. Please pray for Harlan Drake who attempted to committ suicide over the weekend.

The public service, sponsored by Jim's family, lasted only 45 minutes. It was not elaborate, but quite simple--even somewhat sparse in ceremony. The most moving portion of the service was the opening song--lyrics that addressed God and spoke to Him of the sadness and difficulty in bearing witness to the Truth--and asking God for strength. Also very moving was the military honor guard including a ten-gun salute--the loud crack of gun shots ringing through the air followed by the plaintiff sound of Taps.

Jim was a Vietnam War Veteran. He is now the slain veteran of another war-- the ultimate war--in which we flight and struggle to save the lives of God's innocent children-- in this war for the sanctity of life, Jim Pouillon gave his life.

May angels guide your soul to paradise--and there gaze in joy forever upon the beloved face of the Savior.
Judy Parran and Lori Anderson smile from the bleachers. Both were arrested with members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society at Notre Dame protesting Obama's commencement speech Colin Hudson with Monica Miller. Hudson, a pro-life hero, was arrested twice for rescues at abortion clinics, charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act, and spent two and a half years in jail. Following the service, Jim's daughter, Mary Jo Pouillon, is surrounded by the press.
Jim Pouillon Roadside Memorial

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