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Dingell Confronted by Opposition to Abortion in Health Care Reform Bill

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors

In a Channel 7 News interview, here is how Dingell characterized the Town Hall Attendees:
"This meeting has been heavily infiltrated by folks who wish to make trouble..."

At a town hall meeting that nearly 1000 people tried to attend, Congressman John Dingell publically denied that the Health Care Reform Bill, which he frequently said that he authored, included coverage for abortion.

The line of people trying to get into the meeting stretched around the Romulus Athletic Center. ""

He stated this twice, once at a prior session attended by well known pro-life activist Lynn Mills and again at the 6:00 PM session. That's right! Twice he was asked point blank the following question: " Will the Health Care Reform bill include coverage for abortion?" and TWICE Congressman John Dingell (D-Mich.) said: "No."


It was at that point that CPLS director , Monica Migliorino Miller, holding a sign that said "Abortion is Not Health Care" walked up to the Congressman as he sat at the podium, stood two feet away from him and said "That is a lie! It is a well known fact that this bill intends to include abortion coverage!"

Security personnel were standing close by, but no one stopped her from confronting the Congressman. Why Congressman Dingell would choose to mislead those at the meeting is anyone's guess.

Please see the article below. Do a quick google on Health Care Reform--Abortion Coverage-- and you will see a flurry of articles that support the fact that this bill seeks to include abortion coverage at tax-payer expense. Indeed, this is one of the most fought-over issues having to do with Obama's plan to make Universal Health Care Coverage a fact of life
(or death!) in America.

The fact is: Congressman Dingell, who claims to be a Catholic, misled all those at the town hall meeting.

Congressman Dingell's wife

Congressman John Dingell's wife--confronted by those opposing Universal Health Care.
Two concerned citizens send pro-life message outside of the Romulus Athletic Center. ""

It must be noted that the vast majority of those attending this town hall meeting were opposed to universal health care and the town hall meeting itself was filled with very vocal, angry opposition to it!

Congressman John Dingell confronted by angry crowd who oppose Universal Health Care. "" 

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