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Protest of Planned Parenthoood's Encroachment on University Campus Area

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors

June 6, 2008: Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-life Society, stands with some group members as they picket the attempt of Planned Parenthood to relocate its office near Wayne State Univerity campus.

Twenty-Seven pro-life activists turned out to protest Robert Slattery's intent to rent space to Planned Parenthood in the Wayne State University area, 4221 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI. Slattery's business office and the proposed rental space are only a few doors apart and both were picketed. Slattery was in the building and definitely saw the picket. We believe he called the police who arrived about an hour after the demonstration began but they gave us no trouble. We had plenty of opportunity to talk to passersby.


This picket was a great witness to the sanctity of life. The demonstration really helped get the word out about the evil of Planned Parenthood. Our protest definitely put pressure on Robert Slattery to rescind his lease agreement.


Thanks to all those who came out in the heat!


Please call Robert Slattery at (313) 418-4261 and ask him to recind his lease agreement with Planned Parenthood.


Photos Taken at Slattery-Planned Parenthood Picket

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Photography credit: Timashion Jones

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