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Hodari Gets Probation


By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors
February 4, 2009

Alberto Hodari and Woman Care Abortion Clinic Corporation has been given a Six Month "Probation" Period for the Patient Records Charges.

In an early-morning hearing Wednesday, February 4, 2009 before Judge Richards of the 46th District Court in Southfield Michigan, the Womancare Corporation, representing 5 different abortion clinics in the state of Michigan, was given a 6 month probationary period. Womancare's chief executive officer, Alberto Hodari, pled "no contest" to 12 counts of violating the Michigan State statutes the regulate the proper filing and disposal of patient records. These charges were filed by the Oakland County prosecutor's office after members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society (www.prolifesociety.com) conducted searches of the trash dumpsters of the Hodari abortion clinics. They discovered bio-hazard waste, the remains of aborted babies and hundreds of patient records, in the trash dumpster, in particular, behind Hodari's Lathrup Village abortion facility on Southfield Road.

The 6 month probationary period effectively delays a formal sentence of Hodari and the Womancare Corporation. Hodari will need to appear back in court at the end of the 6 month period. If there are no further violations of law in the 6 month period there will be no further penalty in the case. However, if Hodari and the Womancare corporation do violate the law in the 6 month period Hodari is subject to a possible 90 day jail term plus a $100 dollar fine per each 12 counts of violating the Michigan State Statutes.

The 12 counts represent 12 female patients of the Womancare Lathrup Village abortion facility whose records were discovered in the trash dumpster (out of the many hundreds that were found by members of Citizens for a Pro-life Society).

Monica Migliorino Miller states:

"This court decision is disappointing. Hodari violated the rights of literally hundreds of his patients in total disregard for proper medical practice. This is just another slap on the hand in a sad and sorry case that has involved the improper disposal of bio-hazard waste and even the dumping of the remains of aborted babies in the trash. The law should have come down hard on Hodari--but instead he will likely just walk away from this whole debacle. It is a travesty of justice. The people of Michigan have not been served--much less the women he violated and the aborted babies he threw away in the trash."

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