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A Red Rose Rescue Took Place
Saturday, Sept. 29th in New Jersey
Five Pro-lifers Arrested When They
Refused to Leave the Pilgrim Women’s Center
in Defense of the Babies Scheduled for Abortion
Your CPLS Director (Dark Blue Jacket) with Red Rose Rescuers,
Will Goodman, Fr. Fidelis Moscinski (top row).
Patrice Woodworth and Matthew Connolly (bottom row).
Photo taken just upon their release from the local police station.

On Saturday, September 29th six pro-lifers entered the Pilgrim Women's Center in Montclair, N.J. and conducted a Red Rose Rescue, namely: Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, Adlele Gilhooly, Patrice Woodworth, Matthew Connolly, William Goodman, and pro-lifer who wishes to be known only as Baby Jane Doe in solidarity with the nameless aborted unborn.

All except Adele Gilhooly were arrested. Adele was simply escorted out of the abortion center by the police and they oddly did not place her under arrest. Here is a short summary of what happened.

Photo: Fr. Fidelis is placed under arrest.  

The rescuers entered the abortion center at about 8:30 am. This is a very high-volume abortion facility. It is common for up to 20 women to be scheduled for abortions there on any given Saturday. Once inside, the rescuers did have an opportunity to talk to a number of women—and a few women were actually receptive, one even started to weep while in conversation with one of the rescuers who was trying to convince her to leave the clinic. This is a good sign of a soft and sensitive conscience.

Your CPLS director, who helped organize the rescue, stood outside of the store-front abortion center ready to do sidewalk counseling with Lisa Hart, a local pro-life leader. Well-known pro-life author Richard Cowden Guido was also there as well as Chris Bell, founder of the New Jersey Good Counsel Homes for pregnant mothers. Several others who are regular sidewalk counselors and prayer warriors were also present.

  Photo: Patrice Woodward arrested when she defended the unborn.
The Rescue Was Quick—But Yet Still Effective!

Very quickly—within 10 minutes of the rescuers entering the abortion center, police squads pulled up in front of the clinic. We were all astonished at just how quickly the police arrived on the scene. Within another 10 minutes the first rescuer, Will Goodman, was being carried out of the death center, followed one by one by the four others. No one expected that the police would be there that fast or place the rescuers under arrest so quickly. This is unusual for a Red Rose Rescue. Other Red Rose Rescues have lasted over two hours before the rescuers were taken into custody.

The goal of a Red Rose Rescue is that the pro-lifers will remain in the abortion center as long as possible, reaching out to the mothers sitting in the waiting room, offering them help and encouragement, giving them educational literature about abortion and the facts of the fetal development and letting them know that help is available.

Despite the quick response of the police, the rescuers were still able to have significant interaction with the women in the waiting room. Roses were offered and some women did take them.

No matter what—the babies were defended. They were given a defense to which they are entitled, no matter how brief! As Will Goodman said after he was released from the local police station: "It is always a success when the babies are defended, and a witness given to the sanctity of life."

The Rescuers were released in 3 and 1/2 hours on their own recognizance, that is, all but Baby Jane Doe who has not given her name to the police as she seeks to be in deeper spiritual solitary with the nameless, unidentified babies rejected in abortion. Thus she is still in jail as I write this.

Sidewalk counseling was extensive—and really between the rescue, the sidewalk counseling and the many who showed up to pray-- this was a full-court-press to save babies from abortion.

Six Catholic Priests Were There In Prayer Support!

No less than 6 priests were there—one, Fr. Hector, from a local parish, Fr. Bill Kucinsky, and priests from the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. They were joined by six religious Brothers from that Order as well as several lay people.

Photo: Notice the business next door—ironically called the "Compassion Center”—
right next to the death center. It is a medical marijuana dispensary.
No Less Than 7 Police Squad cars
Were Lined Up Outside the Abortion Center.

With seven squad cars piled up outside the clinic we can truly hope women coming for their abortions would just drive away, daunted by the commotion and presence of numerous law enforcement officers at the killing place.


The Monclair, New Jersey rescuers will have their first court appearance this Wednesday, Oct. 3rd !! Pray for them!! The witness to the sanctity of Life continues in court!

Remember, Baby Jane Doe is still in jail. Pray for her!!

If YOU are interested in participating in a future Red Rose Rescue—just send us an email!

Photo : This is the door to the Pilgrim
Women’s Center abortion clini!—
Everything about it says: don’t go in!

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