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What We Did For Life in 2023
I truly hope you will consider making a contribution to CPLS. CPLS is on the front lines of the abortion battle—and saving babies from abortion! See some of our saved babies below, most of them born this year, with their happy and grateful MOMS!
You can make a contribution by sending a check to:
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
67919 Eight Mile Rd.
South Lyon, MI 48178
Or contribute through PayPal or Cornerstone.
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Our 2023 started out with a picket of CVS Pharmacy in the cold of January. We joined a nationwide protest of pharmacy companies that made a decision to dispense the abortion chemical drugs.
Your CPLS director went on trial before Judge Cynthia Arvant in February 2023, with 5 other pro-lifers for the Red Rose Rescue we did in April 2022 at the Northland Family Planning abortion center in Southfield. We were tried and convicted for our life-saving efforts. Your CPLS director was given a jail sentence with Matthew Connolly, Laura Gies and Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, when we refused probation which required that we remain 500 feet from every abortion center in the country! Please pray for Father Fidelis who is in jail NOW for his one-man rescue he did in New York.
Here is my article on our amazing jail experience:
Babies in these photos were saved
from abortion by CPLS
Zoe with baby Angel Josiah born on Dec. 8, 2023, with Pam Gesund (at left) was with me at the Summit clinic in Detroit when we turned Zoe away from abortion this September. Miller. This week CPLS paid $1400.00 for Zoe’s back rent.
Baby Angelo- born on Halloween 9 years ago-but we continue to help his mom—Shalonda. Just this month we paid her DTE bill $200 to avoid shutoff—
and $280.00 for car repair.
Noah with his mom-Tyrae. He was born this year on March 4th. We gave Tyrae a FULL baby shower. Paid this year $3,178.00 to repair her car. $720.33 for past-due DTE bill, and $4600.00 towards her rent.
Vanessa with daughter Ashante saved from abortion 2 years ago. Vanessa is the sister of another woman we helped, who notified us that Vanessa was scheduled for an abortion. Just last month we paid Vanessa’s landlord $4,295.00 to avoid an eviction and $50.00 Aldi’s grocery gift card.
Dion with saved baby Nevaeh – “heaven” spelled backwards. Born Oct. 25, ’22. CPLS has paid for gas cards to help Dion get to work. Also paid a few of her DTE bills and phone bills. Total this year: $922.18 We met her at the Summit abortion center in Detroit and talked her out of the abortion.
Twins-saved from abortion—born 6 weeks early in June of this year, Javion and Journee. Their mom Nicole was tempted to get an abortion when the babies’ father threatened to kick Nicole out of his house. Another woman we talked out of abortion alerted us to Nicole’s troubles. CPLS intervened and Nicole chose life. Thanks to a donation from Mother and Unborn Baby Care we were able to get Nicole into an apartment. CPLS pays the difference on her rent and her monthly DTE bill. With a 7-year old and two babies to care for—CPLS may have to pay her rent for another year - $1095.00 per month.
Timeatria with baby Demetri-born just this Nov. 20th. We talked Timeatria out of an abortion at the Summit abortion center in Detroit last April. Since then CPLS
 paid car repair: $2400.76. First month’s rent and security deposit: $1600.00
Car insurance: $196.00
Articles From Washington DC
Your CPLS director spent 10 days in Washington D.C., attending the trials of pro-lifers in Federal Court for their October 2020 rescue they at the Washington Surgi-Center where unborn children are killed through the 9th month of gestation! I attended press conferences; public demonstrations at the D.C. Medical Examiner’s Office where the bodies of 5 unborn children killed at the Surgi-Center are still being kept—the bodies given to pro-lifers Lauren handy and Terrisa Bukovinic by the medical waste driver on March 25, 2022. Everyone was convicted and thus 8 pro-lifers, including Lauren Handy are currently in jail at the Alexandria Detention Center, waiting to be sentenced in May 2024! I took notes during the trial and wrote numerous articles about the incredible, pathetic injustice these pro-lifers endured!
Here is a link to one of my articles about this trial:
You may view these 5 victims of abortion HERE:
Let us never, never give up –pray and work to end abortion!
Monica M. Miller- Director of CPLS

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