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ND 88 March for Life 2009

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Techs

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Notre Dame 88 March for Life
Stategy Huge Success!

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors

As the photos show, the presence of the ND 88--those arrested protesting Obama's commencement speech at the University of Notre Dame last year and who await trial--was extremely effective during this year's March for Life.

Fr. John Jenkins and to their credit, a very large contingent of ND students, were presented with the message: "Fr. Jenkins: Free the Notre Dame 88." The Notre Dame Observer has an article about Fr. Jenkins participation  in the March for Life 2010. (There is a blog beneath the article about Fr. Jenkins participation in the March for Life. Please leave a comment in this blog.)

Fr. John Jenkins
(Photo by Ann Scheidler)

10,000 pieces of literature were easily distributed to March participants. Hundreds of people stopped by the banners to inquire about the on-going court case, took literature and assured us that they would write to Fr. Jenkins and ask him to request the district attorney to drop all charges.

During the March, Joe Scheidler of the Pro-life Action League, who is an ND alumnus, actually spoke with Fr. Jenkins and urged him to do the right thing. We know of others who also had a chance to speak to Fr. Jenkins on behalf of the ND 88.  Read Joe's article about this encounter  with Fr. Jenkins. (There is a blog beneath the article by Joe Scheidler about his talk with Fr. John Jenkins. Please a leave a comment in this blog. )

Some Notre Dame students seemed to understand our position—but many others were cool and aloof when we tried to enage them in conversation. Quite a few were under the false impression that there was nothing much Fr. Jenkins could do. Let me say this—that we have nothing but respect for all those wonderful ND students who attended this year’s March.

Fr. John Jenkins
(Photo by Joseph McMahone)

We only hope that the Obama scandal can be resolved by the Notre Dame administration at least making an effort to free the ND 88. These pro-lifers only tried to speak the truth and witness to the sanctity of life in a situation that demanded a strong and vocal witness.


Petition on LifeSiteNews to Free the ND 88

LifeSiteNews has a petition to Fr. Jenkins asking him to publically free the ND 88. The text of the petition is on one page and the submission form is on another.

To Read the Petition:
https://secure.lifesitenews.com/np/clients/lifesitenews_us/campaign.jsp? campaign=19

To Sign the Petition:
https://secure.lifesitenews.com/np/clients/lifesitenews_us/survey.jsp? surveyId=3


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