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Students at Catholic Central High School attend the Nov. 12th CPLS/Pro-Life
Detroit picket of the Summit Medical Services in Detroit!
And a Baby was saved that day by Guadalupe Workers.
Dear Pro-Life Friends—

We cannot rest for a single moment, even with this incredible victory for LIFE that has been granted to us, I believe by the grace of Almighty God.

What is important is NOT that Trump is a morally flawed individual—what’s important are the policies and the decisions that Trump will make and it is UP TO US to make sure politically, morally, socially, culturally—and even spiritually that a TRUMP presidency will deliver what it promised and even beyond, in terms of initiating policies and federal legislation that will end the injustice of abortion.

WE cannot back down. We must stand up to the formidable, very angry and highly motivated advocates of legalized abortion and the culture of death! Be brave, be strong, be bold, and confident!

Here is the list of what we need to achieve in the next 4 years and yes this list is in the order of importance-- if you want to quibble with the CPLS order of importance OR have a goal you wish to add, feel free to respond directly to this memo !!

  1. Nominate and confirm justices to the United States Supreme Court who are at least anti Roe v. Wade—if not indeed opposed to abortion in principle. Why is this first in the order of priority?—because doing this offers a real path to the reversal of the law itself that sends millions of human beings to their deaths! This is the long term, and hopefully permanent solution to the slaughter of the unborn. Though keep in mind that “all” this does is return the issue to the states—but that is a great start! Ultimately we need to pass a Human Life Amendment! A goal for Trump’s s 2nd term?

  2. In the interim, Congress must pass the 20-Week Pain Capable Abortion Ban. Why is this second? Because such a law will actually save the unborn who can still be put to death while Roe v. Wade remains on the books.

    Photo here—aborted baby at 20 weeks.

  3. DEFUND PLANNED PARENTHOOD! Shutting off the $500,000 plus funds that are earmarked for PP will cripple this pro-death organization resulting in massive closures of their abortion clinics and significantly blunt its ability to kill unborn children and spread its anti-life, morally corrupt sexual ethic that leads to abortion.

    Satanists show up at CPLS protest of PP in Detroit see video link at end of this memo!

  4. Reverse the Health and Human Services Mandate—the immoral, unjust directive under the Affordable Care Act that forces companies to cover contraception and abortifacient devices and is an attack on the freedom of religion in America.
  5. Pass federal legislation that makes the Hyde Amendment a permanent law—as right now it is a rider on a budget appropriations bill which needs to be repeatedly initiated. And shut off federal funding of abortion and anti-life policies overseas and in the US military.
  6. Reverse the Affordable Care Act—or at least remove abortion as a health care benefit in any and all insurance policies and /or riders.
  7. Pass federal legislation to provide tax-payer funding of alternatives to abortion, i.e. pregnancy help centers, adoption agencies, expanded funds for pre-natal care to free health clinics that service the poor and underprivileged.
  8. Any suggestions you may have???

    And let me repeat—we Must NOT allow ourselves to squander this opportunity. This means that the pro-life movement MUST be vocal, active and insistent!!

God has given us this moment—for the sake of an oppressed people group—we must move forward!

JOIN Citizens for a Pro-Life Society as we use this time to advance the cause of LIFE

Help CPLS as we take advantage of the TRUMP presidency and work to end the injustice of abortion! Send your tax-deductible contribution to:
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
67919 Eight Mile Road
South Lyon, MI 48178
 just click on the button.
God bless you all-- Monica Migliorino Miller, Director of CPLS
Video Link: Satanists Street Theatre in Support of
Planned Parenthood—yep, it’s bizarre!

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