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Abby McIntyre Responds to
the SAFL anti-RRR video

Pro-lifers, expect that those among us will always be loving, supportive and kind. We expect them to see our efforts for a mutual cause and rejoice. This is not always the case. By nature of being human beings, we quibble on the appropriate method to fight abortion. Each member thinks, “I have the answer!” and we forget that we do not fight for our own sake, but for those who are exploited, killed, and voiceless. Division in the pro-life ranks is exactly what the other side wants—it may be even what the devil wants. A house divided will surely fall.


Sidewalk Advocates for Life recently released a video speaking out against a new initiative, the Red Rose Rescue. I am one of those Rescuers. I am acutely disappointed over the misrepresentation and the effort to malign what we are trying to convey. Our message is simple: we peacefully enter the abortion facility waiting room to offer love and support at the absolute last second before women make the irreversible choice to abort. We speak out in love for the unborn children who have been or are in danger of being aborted.

Abby under arrest Sept. 15, 2017

One of their claims is that those who participate in a Red Rose Rescue ignorantly enter abortion facilities only to be swiftly sent off to federal prison. While this may be an outcome, should we shy away from risk to save even one life from death and hundreds of lives from the pain of experiencing abortion? Furthermore, how do such consequences in any way affect the work of SAFL? I am not ill-informed on the possibilities for my actions. However, I ask, “how much is a life worth?” SAFL filmed half of their video inside a church; did they not notice the man hanging from a cross who endured a violent sacrifice so that each one of us might live? The essence of love is sacrifice. If we are not willing to sacrifice, we are not truly rooted in love.


In no way am I saying that every single person in the United States needs to be arrested by entering an abortion facility and refusing to leave. This would be imprudent, especially for those with families of their own for which to care. We need lawyers to support us, pregnancy help centers that can care for those who leave abortion facilities and a multitude of others in active support of the cause. But we must not shy away from risk.


I am part the millennial generation that is commonly chastised for ignorance, irrationality, and laziness. I wonder if these attributes stem not from our own natures, but from the fact that for 45 years we have been under attack. When our lawmakers and elders attempt to dictate whether our lives are worth a chance in the womb or not, there is difficulty in getting excited about rising to our fullest potentials. The idea of social justice presented to us is that we can only be free if we kill children. 60 million of my would-be friends and neighbors entered the world to be put into plastic “product of conception” bags. I am committed to ending that narrative, whatever it takes.


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