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Pro-aborts to Stifle Super Bowl Ad
Blocking Tim Tebow Story

By Citizens for a Pro-Life Society Editors

University of Florida quarterback, Tim Tebow, won U.S. college football's highest honour, the Heisman Trophy. In his acceptance speech (of the trophy) Tim began by saying:

Tim Tebow

"I just (want) to first start off by thanking my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who gave me the ability to play football, gave me a great family and support group and great coaches and everything around me."

Tim Tebow has outraged abortion advocacy groups. Pro-aborts fear that Tim Tebow's pro-life views, now that he is famous, will influence women not to abort their children.

Focus on the Family has developed a pro-life ad set to air on CBS on Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7th. Abortion advocacy groups suspect that the ad features the story of how Tim Tebow's mother chose life when doctors were urging her to abort her now-famous son.

The Women’s Media Center has been coordinating efforts with the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority to pressure CBS, the broadcasting station hosting the Super Bowl this year, to revoke the 30-second ad called “Celebrate Family, Celebrate Life.”

Pro-aborts fear the effect that the ad could have on millions of Super Bowl viewers on Feb. 7 and on the profitability of the abortion industry. Tebow’s story is already credited with having influenced a number of women to choose not to abort their babies.

The pro-aborts have, allegedly, garnered 120,000 signatures on a petition to block the ad. LifeSiteNews is sponsoring a petition to air the ad. Please sign the LifeSiteNews petition.

To Read the Petition:
To Sign the Petition:
CatholicVote is also sponsoring a petition to bolster CBS in it's decision to air the Tim Tebow Ad. Please sign the CatholicVote petition.
Pam TebowThis is the mom who did not throw away her gift from God.

On the left are Tim Tebow, Gators quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner, and his mother, Pam Tebow.

Photo credit: CatholicVote.com
Pam Tebow

Here is another mom who kept Gods precious gift.

Last year the forces of evil managed to squelch the Super Bowl pro-life ad, "Imagine the Potential". NBC canceled the ad. See the could-have-been ad .

The climate is different in the country this year and it is less likely that the pro-aborts will succeed because the so called silent majority is no longer being silent.

On the left are Ann Dunham and Barack Obama.

Who could have imagined that the child of a teen aged mother who was abandoned by his father would become the President of the United States?

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