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Pro-Lifers Go to Court for Their Defense of the Unborn
And Your Citizens for a Pro-Life Society 2017 Year-End Review
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First, your CPLS director with 5 of her fellow Red Rose Rescuers, namely Robert Kolavy, Matthew Connolly, Patrice Woodward and Will Goodman were arraigned in court Dec. 19th. They reached out to the mothers and defended the unborn at the Women’s Center abortion clinic, Sat. Dec. 2nd. Charged with a city ordinance of trespassing which carries a maximum sentence of $500 and/or 90 days in jail, we appeared before Judge Marc Barron at the 48th District Court in West Bloomfield, MI.

The Prosecutor “From Hell”
Let me say this, while the judge was appeared reasonable, we were confronted by a very pro-abortion, very belligerent prosecutor, Jeffrey Sherman. He could be characterize as the “prosecutor from hell.” From the get-go Sherman did not hide his hostility toward us, “out for blood” he ask the judge to impose a whopping $25,000 bond on each defendant! He characterized us as “disrupters of a lawfully operating business,” “imposing ‘their religion on others!’” Photo above: Will Goodman is arrested for defending the unborn at abortionist’s Jacob Kalo’s Women’s Center in West Bloomfield, MI, Dec. 2nd
I Could Not Promise “not to break the law” to Defend the Unborn
Let me make a long story short. Thankfully the judge did not appear to favor this prosecutor and imposed a much lighter bond! However—one of the conditions of the bond was that the pro-lifers had to stipulate to the court that we would not “commit any crimes” while the case was being adjudicated. I had to tell Judge Barron that in conscience I could not promise the court that I would not “break the law to defend an innocent unborn child from abortion.” To say the least, he was not happy. I told him that: “At most I can only say that I do not intend to break the law at this time.” He was still not satisfied and told me that there are consequences to not obeying the orders of the court—that if I was not able to give the court assurance that I was not going to “commit a ‘crime’” that he could have me incarcerated on the spot and that I would sit in jail until the day of the trial. I responded that I understood those consequences.
In the end, thankfully Judge Barron—and thanks to our GREAT attorney Erin Mercino of the American Freedom Law Center, the judge pulled back from his threat and did not further press me for a guarantee. But I have to tell you—this was an incredibly intense ten minutes!
Right now, our trial in Michigan is set for Jan 10th! In just three weeks! The trial for the first RRR that occurred at the Northland Family Planning Clinic in Sterling Hts., MI is set for Feb. 14th, St. Valentine’s Day.
The Other Red Rose Rescuers Have Court Dates Coming Up
Fr. Stephen Imbarrato, Julia Haag and Joan McKee who defended the unborn during the RRR at the Washington, D.C. Capital Women’s Center on Dec.2nd are set for arraignment Dec. 28th—Feast of the Holy Innocents.
Lauren Handy, Linda Mueller and Mike Webb who defended the unborn during the RRR at the Alexandria Reproductive Health Center on Dec 2nd all have pre-trial appearances on early January.
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