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On Feb. 21, 2018 five Red Rose Rescuers- namely myself Monica Miller, Will Goodman, Patrice Woodworth, Matthew Connolly, and Robert "Doc" Kovaly were found guilty by a six person jury of trespassing and also interference with an officer (we practiced passive resistance) stemming from our Dec. 2, 2017 Red Rose Rescue at the Women's Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI.

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018 we were sentenced by Judge Marc Barron in the 48th District Court. In a sentencing hearing that lasted three hours the following sentence was imposed. Indeed, this sentence is unprecedented in the history of legalized abortion—i.e. that for 12 months we are to stay 500 feet from EVERY ABORTION CENTER IN THE UNITED STATES. Our incredible attorney Robert Muise of the American Freedom Law Center is filing an appeal immediately! Our hope is that the sentence will be stayed pending appeal—and much of this ultimately reversed.

See at end of this memo links to news articles.

These conditions are imposed for a period of 12 months starting March 14, 2018:

  1. We must pay restitution to the abortion mill-- amount to be determined in separate hearing about 6 weeks from now.
  2. Stay 500 feet from every abortion mill in the USA.
  3. Defendants may have no contact with each other! not even a conference call with their attorney for the purposes of discussing issues pertaining to the appeal!
  4. We may not harass, intimidate, or picket any abortion clinic.
  5. May not violate any laws on any governmental level.
  6. May not associate with anyone who is engaged in breaking the law.
  7. Eight days of court-chosen community service.
  8. Fines and court costs for each defendant that range anywhere from $1200 to S1700.
  9. Must have court permission to travel out of state.
  10. Monthly in-person reporting to probation officer (out of state defendants may report by mail).
Now just look at the first item! You can bet there is NO way we are complying with this probation -- we cannot pay the abortion center one red cent! We already told the judge we will not pay fines, not do community service etc. Thus we may be facing a 120 day jail sentence. When the probation documents were presented to us to sign—which stated “defendants agree to comply with the probation order” we declined to sign the papers.

All defendants provided very eloquent sentencing statements. Patrice Woodworth told the judge: “Judge Barron I need to tell you this was not my first time inside of an abortion clinic. Many years ago I was a frightened and confused teenage mother, pregnant with a baby 20 weeks along, coerced into getting an abortion—an abortion that has caused me trauma and terrible grief all my life. I wish someone had come into that clinic and offered to me a red rose, and gave me words of encouragement to not abort my baby.” Everyone in the court room was riveted—including the 10 pro-abortionists who showed up from Northland Family Planning in Sterling Hts. MI. where the first RRR in Michigan took place Sept. 15, 2017 and the Women’s Center abortion center in West Bloomfield, MI. Even Northland Family Planning owner Renee Chelian was in court with her daughter. During Patrice’s speech—the quiet, steady, calm sound of her voice permeated the courtroom—you could hear a pin drop !!

During my pre-sentencing statement I encouraged Judge Marc Barron to do the right thing. I pointed out that we had an unfair trial because the proceedings had been sanitized by him and the prosecutor, that the unborn were deliberately kept hidden—even the abortion clinic could not be called an “abortion clinic” in front of the jurors!

I pointed out that the whole trial was based on a lie-- the LIE that the unborn are not persons—and I implored him that now was his opportunity to no longer be caught in the vortex of lies created by the unjust law of legalized abortion. Now he could do justice by giving us a lenient sentence as we did what we did to save lives—and that the lenient sentence would NOT be for us—but that the lives of the unborn—the real victim class- would be vindicated by him. I opened up a folder that contained the photo of an aborted baby CPLS had retrieved from the trash dumpster of a Michigan clinic. I held the photo at left for everyone in the court to see, held up for the judge to see and Larry Sherman the prosecutor. Our Attorney Robert Muise was amazing and plans to appeal everything.

PLEASE make a donation NOW to the American Freedom Law Center !!!! http://www.americanfreedomlawcenter.org

When the judge asked each of us if we would be able to comply with the court’s order to not enter an abortion clinic while on probation—all of us said that we could not give such an assurance. In addition we told the judge that we would not pay any fines, do community service or pay any restitution to the abortion center. Will Goodman said to Barron—“I could stay away if no unborn children are being killed inside the clinic—but if they are being killed then no, Your Honor, I cannot tell you I would not go inside to try and protect those babies.”

The monetary restitution to the abortion center will be determined at a later hearing in about the next six weeks-- We will keep you posted.

NO ONE—absolutely NO ONE must feel the least bit intimidated, feel the least bit daunted or discouraged about pro-life activism and the future of the Red Rose Rescues.

What happened in Judge Barron’s courtroom is not indicative of what every judge would do—or the outcome of all trials involving pro-lifers. Indeed Judge Michael Rumona in our first RRR trial praised us as “good people”!

No matter what—we must realize that abortion will be overcome by radical acts of love! And let us take courage from the words of Our Lord-- “Be not afraid.” It is an honor for us to suffer for the sake of the name!!

Matt Connolly under arrest when saving babies from abortion
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