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If you prefer to send your tax deductible donation by mail send to:
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
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Your donation to Citizens for a Pro-Life Society saves babies from abortion
and advances the Culture of Life. Thank you!
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
Remains on the Front Lines of the
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Here’s Just a Sample of Our 2015 Activity!
Partnering with Lynn Mills of Pro-Life Detroit, CPLS exposed the scandal of finding tens of thousands of patient records left unsecured in Alberto Hodari’s abandoned Flint, MI abortion center. Our discovery was spine-chilling, eerie and terribly sad. This photo says it all—graffiti sprawled on an interior back wall of the abortion center building. One can hear the silent cry of the unborn.
Not only did we find literally 10s of thousands of patient records left totally unsecured in this dilapidated structure—but we also found dozens of medical sharps strewn on the floor—all contrary to Michigan State Law. This story gained local and national attention. Photo to the left shows water-damaged files on abortion clinic floor.
CPLS Helped Organize the Largest Pro-Life Pickets to Take Place in the History of Legalized Abortion
Due to the Center for Medical Progress under-cover videos—2015 was the year of Planned Parenthood and CPLS sprang into action with the Pro-life Action League and Created Equal. We organized two national pickets of Planned Parenthood at over 400 PP killing sites August 22nd and again Oct. 10th. Altogether over 100,000 people joined in the demonstrations—many attending a pro-life public demonstration for the first time! These pickets helped swell the ranks of the pro-life movement as has not occurred in years! David Daleiden who led the PP sting operation accepted your CPLS director’s invitation to speak at the Oct. 10th demonstration in Orange, California. We are very grateful to the hundreds of pro-life leaders who organized local demonstrations and made the ProtestPP.com pickets such as success.

We will be out again Jan 21, 2016 in a major picket of the PP building site in Washington, D.C. See the home page for details.

But CPLS was picketing PP even before the Center for Medical Progress videos!

We were out there May 18, 2015 picketing Planned Parenthood’s fundraiser that featured pro-abortion keynoter Wendy Davis.

Eric Scheidler and several members of PLAL joined us! Here we are lined up completely down the block in front of swanky The Henry Hotel in Dearborn.


CPLS Continues to Help Save the Unborn—By Helping their Mothers Who Otherwise Would Have Sought Abortion.

Here is one of the babies saved through the efforts of CPLS—This little guy—Baby Angelo, turned One-Year Oct. 31st seated with your CPLS director and his birthday cake!


CPLS once again helped organize the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted babies—a joint project with the Pro-Life Action League. On Sept. 10th ceremonies took place at all 44 gravesites where aborted babies are buried or prayer services offered—and as well as ceremonies at several dozens of memorial markers.

As part of the NDR, 180 people attended Memorial Service for the 23 “Hodari Babies”—found 2008 by CPLS in the trash dumpster of the Woman Care abortion clinic in Lathrup Village, MI. then owned by abortionist Alberto Hodari, buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. Archbishop Allen Vigneron offered the sermon.

CPLS Helped Launch Michigan Attorney General Investigations of notorious Michigan
Planned Parenthood Abortionist, Lisa Harris..

Taking full advantage of leaked CMP videos, your CPLS director sent evidence of possible illegal harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts to state law-makers and the Michigan Attorney General, fetal issue (such as eyeballs) allegedly procured by PP abortionist Lisa Harris and made available for “grants” to “private researchers.” We will keep you posted on any developments regarding this investigation.


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