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Citizens for a Pro-Life Society
Year End Review

Here’s only SOME of What We Did for Life in 2022
CPLS had a very busy—very full year, especially as CPLS is head-quartered in Michigan—and much of our pro-life efforts went into fighting Proposal 3—which sadly was “approved” by a majority of voters to enshrine a “right” to abortion in the Michigan State constitution! Thus, much of 2023 will be spent blunting the effects of this hideous pro-death amendment!

Here is a summary of our 2022 pro-life efforts. Please consider a tax-deductible donation to CPLS to help us continue our life-saving work! Details for that at the end of this summary.
Red Rose Rescue at Planned Parenthood
CPLS supported a “mini” Red Rose Rescue at the PP baby-killing facility in Washington DC - the day right after the 2022 March for Life. Rescuers stood in front of the “clinic” entrance and moved aside when the police arrived—yet the abortions were seriously delayed AND a couple opted to not enter the abortion facility!
Photo – Laura Gies surrounded by D.C. police in the mini D.C. RRR.
Red Rose Rescue Northland Family Planning
On April 23, 2022 your CPLS director participated in a Red Rose Rescue at the Northland Family Planning killing center in Southfield, MI. Six of us were charged with trespass, interference with a lawful business and obstruction of an officer—the latter charge only because we told the arresting officers we could not leave the building as long as abortions were about to take place—which resulted in our arrests. We will stand trial Feb. 21, 2023. Pray for us!
Rescuers just released from the Southfield, MI. police station, left to right: Laura Gies, Fr. Fidelis Moscinski, Elizabeth Wagi, CPLS director - Monica Miller, and Jacob Gregor. Matthew Connolly, not pictured- he opted to not pay bond and remained in jail overnight.
End of Roe Vs Wade Party and Article
June 24, 2022 Roe v. Wade Overturned! CPLS celebrated the end of Roe v. Wade – having large party at the CPLS headquarters in South Lyon, MI. Thank you Almighty God! See here my article on the end of Roe.
Counter Demonstration
CPLS organized a large counter-demonstration on the “diag” of U of M in Ann Arbor, May 14, 2022, as supporters of Roe v. Wade rallied in anticipation of the Dobbs decision! We were joined by Protect Life Michigan and Pro-Life Michigan.
Rescuers Convicted
In July 2022 four Red Rose Rescuers were convicted of trespass, and felony charge of “obstruction” of an officer, for the June 7, 2019 RRR your CPLS director organized at the Women’s Center baby killing “clinic” in Flint, MI. Matthew Connolly, Will Goodman, Lauren Handy and Patrice Woodworth were sentenced to 45 days in the Genesee County jail. As of Dec. 22, 2022 everyone is now released!!
Baby Saved
CPLS is always very busy talking women out of abortions and providing them with all sorts of material aid. Here is Dion with her baby—saved from abortion. I met Dion and her boyfriend Jeremiah, April 1, 2022 at the Summit baby-killing facility in Detroit when I was there sidewalk counseling. Her baby Nevaeh (heaven spelt backwards!) was born Oct. 27, 2022.
Your CPLS director also talked Tyrae out of killing her baby—Isaiah, due date March 24, 2023! We are so proud of Tyrae for choosing LIFE! Here is baby Isaiah’s picture in-utero.
Proposal 3
Members of CPLS spent months fighting Proposal 3 in Michigan. CPLS had banners made – displayed all over the state. We canvassed households door to door, designed and distributed thousands of info cards, spent hours displaying banners on overpasses with Pro-Life Michigan, blitzed tens of thousands of cars in parking lots, raised money to help Right to Life of Michigan pay for TV ads. Your CPLS director ate, drank and slept Prop 3 for over 2 months—only to see the pro-death forces prevail. See here my article on what we did to battle Prop 3.
National Day of Remembrance
CPLS is one of the national sponsors of the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies, with the Pro-life Action League and Priests for Life. We had 180 memorial services take place on Sept. 10, 2022 all over the country. Your CPLS director personally organized the NDR service for the aborted babies buried at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery in Southfield, MI. Special guests Dr. Janet Smith and Renewal Ministries’ Peter Herbeck. See here video of our vocalists singing “I am But a Poor Wayfaring Stranger.”
Dr. Janet Smith places a flower on the grave of the “Hodari” Babies—23 unborn children killed at the Woman Care clinic in Lathrup Village, Mi., Killed in February-April 2008- buried May 3, 2008 at Holy Sepulcher Cemetery, Southfield, MI.
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Let’s us Continue to Work and Pray to end abortion!

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