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  CPLS had a VERY Busy Year Defending the
Unborn and Advocating for a Culture of Life

Here are Just Some of the Highlights
  Protesting Planned Parenthood  
  Feb. 11, 2017 Above—we make our anti-PP statement at the PP clinic in Detroit, MI Our picket was counter-demonstrated by a whopping 500 PP supporters! Check out this video of the picket—pro-lifers pray while PP supporters scream and shout obscenities:  
  CPLS co-sponsored the national Protest PP demonstrations Another Protest PP demonstration on April 29, 2017— this time the exuberant youth group the Pro-life Flash Mob showed up at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Ann Arbor.  
  Here we are gathered again at the PP clinic on Cass Avenue April 28, 2017 and thanks to Lynn Mills (in sun-glasses) of Pro-life Michigan for her co-sponsorship of the demonstrations.  
  CPLS with Pro-life Michigan brought attention to the tragic death of 23-year old Cree Erwin who perished from a botched abortion at the Planned Parenthood abortion center in Kalamazoo, MI. The press conference took place April 13, 2017. Tyler Erwin traveled from Florida to address the media about his sister's death. The Press Conference called the PP clinic to admit responsibility for Cree's death, and also questioned the medical examiner's highly redacted autopsy report and the ambiguity regarding the cause of her death in the formal death certificate. The death certificate clearly states Cree suffered a perforated uterus which caused a blood clot to form and led to a pulmonary embolism.  
  CPLS Helps Women In Difficult Pregnancies—Who Otherwise Are Tempted Seek Abortion. At right- Your CPLS director with Kenzie who we helped In May 2017—even to the point of putting this desperate, homeless 20-year-old single-mother into her own apartment.  
  CPLS is a founding member and national co-sponsor of the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Babies-- This year’s nationwide event took place on Sept. 10, 2017 in which nearly 200 memorial services took place all over the country to honor the victims of abortion.

Above is the grave of the “Hodari Babies” discovered by CPLS in the trash dumpster of the Woman Care Clinic in 2008. Killed by abortionist Alberto Hodari, the babies are buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Southfield, MI. where we conducted a memorial service for them on the National Day of Remembrance.
  CPLS Organized the Protest of the Pro-Abortion Women’s Conference at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Oct. 28th- co-sponsored by Pro-life Michigan—We had a great turn-out and were a very effective pro-life witness to all those attending this pro-abortion event. Here are just a few of the 60 pro-lifers who came out for this picket. Here they are standing right outside of Cobo Hall.  
  CPLS ended the year organizing and participating in the Dec. 2 Red Rose Rescues. Five of us, including your CPLS director handed out red roses to mothers in the waiting room of the Women’s Center abortion clinic in West Bloomfield, MI and stayed in the clinic to abide with the babies scheduled to be aborted, praying and singing hymns. We were arrested and are schedule for trial Jan 10th. At Right: Your CPLS director being taken into custody by Sterling Hts. when I tried to counsel mothers in the waiting room of the Northland Family Planning Clinic, owned by Renee Chelian,Sept.15th.  
  Fr. Fidelis Moscinski of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal arrested for defending the unborn Sept. 15th at the Red Rose Rescue in Alexandria, VA.  
  Finally-- as a Christmas Greeting to all-- Please enjoy this splendid vocalist singing Panis Angelicus. Composed by Eric Genuis it was performed at the 2016 CPLS fundraiser featuring David Daleiden. (click the image)  
  It is incredible! Let us PLEASE re-commit ourselves in 2018 to ending the slaughter of the unborn and build a Culture of LIFE! God Bless you ALL!  
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