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Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic Case Preliminary Hearing Results

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D
Director, Citizens for a Pro-life Society

The First Round In Court Was Good for PRO-LIFERS--!!! But this is a REAL BATTLE!
Links to Court Motions
(Decending Order)
Shri Sai Krishna Reply
Opposition to Motion to Dismiss
PP Motion for Summary Jul 21, 2011
Summary Disposition Jul 13, 2011
Planned Parenthood Complaint Jun 2011
Summary of What Lead Up to the PP Complaint
Summary of What Lead Up to the PP Complaint

CPLS was in court yesterday for the preliminary hearing regarding the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic case in Auburn Hills, Michigan—where PP hopes to open a mega mill! The PP execs were all in court--i.e. Lori Lamerand.


The hearing went very, very well for us! At first it looked like Judge James Alexander was taking PP's side on the Comfort Inn deed restriction interpretation of "office"--and medical office use-- but in the end he decided to give both sides 60 days to file more response briefs, do depositions, research and discovery--which means PP did NOT get what they hoped for today and we did! In other words, this is a real FIGHT-- and now we have 60 days more to prove our case in front of the judge. PP was hoping that Alexander would simply rule that the deed restriction allows them to open their "medical office" (a.k.a. abortion clinic) and that's NOT WHAT HAPPENED.


SO—many, many, many more prayers are needed. We will probably plan another vigil—so watch for updates on that.


I want to thank all of the other pro-lifers who came to court. And I thank the Comfort Inn Suites' attorneys--James Carey, Joel Kirkpatrick and Brian Beauman. PLEASE PRAY FOR THEM as they go into the next phase of this battle!


Below you will find stories and links to articles about yesterday’s hearing before Judge Alexander. The Oakland Press link also has good video!

By Ann Zaniewski
Debate over Planned Parenthood clinic in Auburn Hills lands in court - WITH VIDEO
By Karen Dudek
Oakland County judge rules 60 days on disputed Planned Parenthood clinic
By Monica Migliorino Miller
CPLS director’s letter to the Editor

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