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Battle Against PP Mega-Mill
Goes Forward

Important Update

On January 7, 2012, Oakland County Judge James Alexander ruled in favor of Planned Parenthood of Mid and South Michigan’s motion for summary disposition—against the Comfort Inn Suites—in a court case that has thus far kept the abortion provider from opening its “full-service clinic” (a.k.a. abortion mill) in Auburn Hills, MI. The Comfort Inn holds a deed restriction that limits the building purchased by PP at 1625 N. Opdyke Rd. to retail store, restaurant or office. The judge ruled that “office” may legally include “medical office.” (Please see the actual ruling—Auburn Hills Court Ruling ) Since PP, very conveniently, did not enter into the record what it actually intended to do with the building—the judge would not make a distinction between “medical office” and an “outpatient surgical treatment center.”

This Battle is Far From Over

The Comfort Inn Suites will take this case up on appeal and seek to overturn Alexander’s ruling-- thus the pro-life stake in this war is very much alive and your support and prayers are needed!

Please Join the 40 Days for Life Campaign
at the Opdyke Road Building

Starting on Ash Wednesday and lasting for 6 weeks—pro-lifers will gather everyday to pray that this Planned Parenthood death mill will NEVER OPEN! Please attend the kick-off event for ALL the Detroit Regional 40 Days for Life campaigns. PLEASE call or email Seth Peters RIGHT AWAY and sign up to participate in the 40 Days for Life effort at the PP building in Auburn Hills.

Seth Peters Phone: 231 340-0139
Seth Peters Email: sethwpeters@gmail.com

Please know that CPLS will begin to speak with, and if need be, picket and initiate a boycott of Phoenix Construction Co. and the Hobbs and Black architectural firm—both of which have been hired to build the interior of the PP death mill. More details about this essential strategy will be forthcoming!

Finally, keep in mind that even though PP won the hearing January 7th, they are still very much in a precarious position. The Opdyke Road property is a gutted building. As long as this lawsuit goes forward PP takes an enormous financial risk. They would have to make a $500,000 investment into this building just to get it up and running and they have NO GUARANTEE that they will ultimately prevail in this court case and be able to provide abortions (the PP money-maker) in that facility. Thus they will be stuck with a building that they may simply not be able to use! PLEASE PRAY THAT GOD WILL DEFEAT THEIR GOALS TO DESTROY LIFE.

In the meantime we must be ready to meet every challenge and possibility in defense of life in our current battle with the abortion giant.


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