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Conversations with Helpers of PP

By Monica Migliorino Miller, Ph.D
Director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

On Thursday, Dec. 2nd your CPLS director spoke to the President of Fidelity bank which sold the Auburn Hills building to Planned Parenthood and also spoke with Mason L. Capitani who brokerd the deal. My intent was two-fold. First to find out if there was any possibilility that the sale had not closed yet and that it could be stopped. Apparently it has closed and this was confirmed by a call made to the Assessor's Office in Auburn Hills. However, I spoke to each gentlemen for a long time and tried without mincing my words that they are responsible for aiding and abetting the destruction of innocent life, by helping PP gain this property. Both Ross and Capitani told me that they actually "sympathized with my cause" in other words, that they too were against abortion. However both of them refused any moral responsibilty. Indeed, the president of Fidelity said that this was just a business transaction and that as business the bank needed to sell to the highest bidder-- and that bidder was Planned Parenthood. There were two other bidders. I told Ross he had a moral obligation to sell to one of those other bidders--even if that meant taking a financial loss. At least he would not have lost his moral integity.

The Perverbial Pass the Buck

Talking to Ross and Capitani made my head spin. Talk about passing the Moral buck. Captiani said that nothing was his fault-- call Fidelity Bank--it's their fault. When I called Fidelity bank, President Ross said, it's not my fault, it's the city of Auburn Hills' fault--call them! Ok don't worry we will!

My conversations with them were amazingly sad. Selling this building to PP was just a good business transaction-- nevermind they say they agree with our cause. NO THEY DON"T! This was all very enlightening to me-- I could see so plainly the two sets of ethics-- the rules of good business over the rules of God's moral law--and for these men there is no intersection or over lap between these two sets of rules. It is pathetic. Pray for them. And even talk to them. Their numbers are below.


President of Fidelity Bank, Michael Ross:  313 565-5700
L. Michael Capitani-- real Estate Broker who represented Fidelity Bank and brokerd the deal:  248 637-9700

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